Ah Thank you, thank you very much

The Kaiser has done a fantastic job pushing the “please” “thank you” and “your welcome” stuff with Count Waffles. Seriously people, A plus parenting on his part. Which works well for me because at 30, I still forget to be polite. I also still forget I shouldn’t say “FUCK” in front of my kids, but that’s another issue.
Anyway, the Count is so good at this polite stuff he’s using it all the time. And by all the time, I mean even when its not necessary and really doesn’t make sense.
Last night after tucking the Count in bed, he asked if I could stay and cuddle with him for “just another minute, Mamma.” Who can say no to that, right? So I squeeze my fat ass into his tiny car bed (alongside 3 pillows, two Thomas trains, one stuffed dragonfly, and one plastic motorcycle) and lay my head on his shoulder. After a few minutes I kiss him, say goodnight, and move to get up.
“Just one more minute Mamma….please.”
One more minute passes and I move to get up again.
“Almost Mamma. One more minute. Please.”
Finally I get out of the tiny, tiny bed.
“Ok, Mamma. Go downstairs. Thank you.”
Did my kid just thank me for cuddling with him? Guess he really appreciated the hugs.
Today after his Halloween parade at nursery school I kissed him goodbye.
“Have a good day at school honey. I Love You.”
“Oh, Ok. Thank you Mamma.”
Thank you Mamma?
Talk about a “I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen” moment.


  1. That is so sweet. I wish I could teach my kids manners. No, at my house, it’s more like “MOMMY!!!! COME LAY WITH ME NOW!!!!!

  2. Ah, too cute! I fear teaching manners to Pumpkin, I am not the most polite of people, and am also a bit loose with the swear words…

  3. Aww at least he is being polite. Better than NO NO NO and Do it now.

  4. How DOES one learn how to curb the cursing in front of the wee ones? I figure I’ve got at least a year before The Boy starts parroting everything I say. If I don’t learn how to clean up my language before then, some well-intentioned stranger is probably going to overhear him say something horribly off-colour and call family services on me. Yipes!

  5. Awww… 🙂

    Don’t you just love those bedtime snuggles? I do!

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