Royal Decree(s).

#1 Yes, your daughters DO look like little sluts in those Halloween outfits. If more than 2 Dads congregate to discuss a) if she’s legal b) if they are real c)if she could possibly be an “aunt” or “mom”—the costume is inappropriate. (editor’s note: remind self of this post when Princess asks to be Daisy Duke/school girl/cheerleader/goth witch/maid/nurse/britney for Halloween.)

#2 If your child is never allowed sugar, and on Halloween you suddenly allow sugar, don’t act surprised and/or shocked when there are a few temper tantrums. And if you take away all the treats your child has collected and substitute them with toys, fruit, or nuts (yes people—nuts, because kids think almonds are the same as tootsie rolls, don’t you know) don’t be surprised and/or shocked when your nearly three year old smacks you/Dad/sister/Grandma.

#3 If you are shocked to discover I’m not the actual Queen of Spain, a Spaniard, or related to the Royal Family of Spain and their new baby maybe you should get out more instead of look for royalty who secretly blog. (editor’s note—yes, I got an angry e-mail from some royal watcher. I am the Queen of Spain because this guy declared it so many, many moons ago. That’s all the explanation I’m giving. )


  1. i KNOW! These kids are shocking in their outfits! We also had a group of 13ish year old boys dressed in baggy pants and sweatshirts and when asked what they were, their response? “gangsta’s.” Uggh.

  2. Yeah—I’m no prude by any stretch….but some of those outfits I saw last night—yikes!

  3. Oh so funny! It IS pretty creepy when wee little girls play at being sexy, isn’t it?

    A few years back, when a little friend of ours was five, she and her friends were TOTALLY into Britney. Eeesh. It was very disturbing watching them try to sing and dance to her songs. Thankfully, they made the switch to Avril Lavigne a couple of months later and from that point forward mocked all things Britney. Not that Avril’s a whole lot better musically, but hey, at least she writes her own songs and, you know, wears clothes…

  4. Crap. You’d better not see my ‘french maid’ costume. Somehow it’s different for a thirty something with appropriate undergarments. Right? Right?

  5. Totally differnt. I am refering only to the 12 year olds with their asses hanging out.

  6. At the school I work at, the 5th graders we supposed to wear their pj’s to avoid this kind of thing. Of course I saw 1 girl wearing something sheer from under where her boobs would be to her hips. She was also overheard the day before saying, “I am going to look sooooooo good” – make sure you picture the hands waving around for this one. AND, “my mom is dressing up as one of the moms from desparate housewives, you know the spanish one that dresses nice”. I am so glad to have boys!

  7. I know, I was just being “cheeky”. Heh.

  8. I figured! I forget sarcasim doesn’t come through in typing!

  9. Tammy-THAT is scary. I can’t imagine being a mom who thought that was “ok.” But who knows…I couldn’t imagine doing a lot of the things I do now…

  10. I know i mean it was raining here and not exactly warm out. And there are all these little 12 and 13 year olds wearing something i wouldnt even wear if i had the body to do so. Their little butts and chests were just hanging out all over the place. I saw one girl dressed as a school girl and her top was so short you could see the bottom of her bra and her skirt was so short she didnt even have to bend over to see her butt hanging out

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