Ear infections and prom dresses

After a very, very long night…resulting in a trip with BOTH kids to the pediatrician this morning, the Kaiser holds my hand in the minivan on the way home. Bleary eyed and half delirious from lack of sleep he says:

“What have we gotten ourselves into? Can we hit the reset button?”

In other news: Just a reminder Promapalooza is tomorrow. There is still time to join us! Just post your old school homecoming/prom/formal photos on your blog tomorrow and link to Aliblog so everyone can vote on worst hair/dress/tux! Let me know if you’re playing! (you know you want too…everyone’s doing it…)


  1. Awww… poor babies. Hope they get better soon!

    That pic is great.. the baby almost looks like a doll!

    I’ve wished, at times, that life had a rewind button, too.

    btw – I noticed your Weight Watchers achievement – way to go! Are you doing the points counting?

  2. Yup…I’m counting! I did it after my 1st and lost 30 pounds. Now I’m doing it with #2. Slower loss this time…but it works for me (when I’m not cheating, that is)

  3. Ahhh poor lil ones! I hope they get better soon. And I found a homecomming photo in my attic so I will be taking part in the promapalooza tomorrow!

  4. Yipppiiieee! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow Ms. Mamma…may we all humiliate ourselves together!

  5. That’s great – and thanks for the inspiration. I started counting again yesterday.


  6. Sometimes I want a do-over also. Can we TiVo through the bad stuff? I hope all feel better soon.

  7. LMAO… Uh yes. Reset button. I do want one. LOL!

  8. Hee, hee. This is too good.

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