Well…aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll rriiiiiiiight

People has named Mr. Matthew McConaughey its sexiest man alive. Agreed.


  1. I don’t agree.

    That title belongs to James Spader 😉

  2. James Spader?? Ok, the ONLY thing I think of when I see James Spader is him, in silk boxers, with the blonde snotty bimbo on his back, and drinking a scotch as “Steff” in Pretty in Pink.

  3. Also. The Kaiser is already whining that I think he’s not the sexiest man alive.

  4. Definitely agree. AND I’m married to a man who everyone says looks just like him. So it’s even okay for me to drool over Matthew as much as I want. Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?

  5. Wow. I have new reason to go visit Alison. My husband likes to TALK like Matthew (I call him Matthew, you know)from Dazed and Confused all the time. Somehow I think Alison’s got the better end of this, though.

  6. i definitly agree with peoples choice because he is just some really good eye candy

  7. Oh yeah. Eye candy….candy…yummmy…aaahhh. But actually, for me its the eye candy plus the voice. I think if he were to come up behind me (giggle) and say “howdy ya’ll” I’d…umm…swoon.

    Have I mentioned how HOT the Kaiser is (grin)

  8. Don’t agree…He has something of an arrogant look on his face which I find unattractive. A man needs something sweet and gentle in his face to get my attention. I’ll keep my husband, who may be thinning, but still has what it takes.

  9. no way! i will always believe, forever, that Sean Connery is the sexiest man on earth. (no, not the young, ugly James Bond years, the older, silver haired years) and coming in a close second… Harrison Ford!

  10. Queen, I have to agree with you and People, he is one sexy hunk of man, and that voice, swoon….

  11. I don’t agree either, it should go to Tom Welling.

  12. I dont know REd. I’d have to argue that Tom is too young and not well known enough. I think he’s gotta pay his dues a bit more. Supercutie, though.

  13. I grabbed People today because I saw that and since it’s been the truth since Matthew was born, it’s only fitting that the mag finally realized what I’ve known all along. 🙂 He’s SOOO HO-O-OT!!!

  14. seriously. This is the 1st “sexiest” man alive that I’ve really had to whole heartedly agree with 100%.

  15. Yeah, okay, he’s pretty cute. But he doesn’t hold a candle to Stephen Colbert.

    Oh, what I would give to see the expression on your face just now.

    (And I’m kidding, by the way — my crush on ol’ Stephen has nothing to do with sexiness. And it actually has been waning since the debut of the Colbert report. I think I liked him better when he was but a mere senior correspondent on the Daily Show.)

  16. Diaper Dame, I am nearly peeing myself from laughing.

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