Shop me, Pay for the servants…

THE QUEEN STORE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! The Kaiser went crazy and we hope you like it.


  1. SUCH cute stuff! I LOVE the housewife with an angel’s crown and a devil’s tail… just about sums it up! Awesome!

  2. Thanks Shay! The Kaiser is working on hard on more designs. But the Housewife is our favorite too.

  3. That stuff looks awesome. I love the designs and the looks you came up with.

  4. Do you want to do reciprocal linkage on our stores? E-mail me at kbmailbox1-blog AT if you do 🙂

  5. Cool! Now, which one do I want..

  6. the Kaiser’s working on more designs?

    Hmmm.. how about one that says, “Yummy Mummy”? 😉

  7. Very possible Laurie. We’ll see what he can finish before Monday. Then he’s off to work crazy hours for 2-3 weeks :(. I was hoping for some non Mom related stuff too, but everything we thought of was…well…totally inappropriate!

    Running—I’d love to link. No prob. I’ll email ya soon!

  8. Lots of luck with the store!
    Also very glad that you’ve got the all-clear.
    Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

  9. Terribly, awesomely, very good idea!

    Deciding on which Housewife thingy I must have….probably the oval sticker fot my car, Princess. It’s just so us.

    ……and a shirt…….because like chips, you can’t have just one!

  10. Damn right! Just like chips! Shop, shop, shop!

  11. Love the store! It’s great! Do ya’ll have any plans to carry stuff for wanna-be housewives, mom’s that work outside the home (notice I DID NOT say working mom’s), and single mom’s? I bet there’s a market for it… I’d buy if it looks as good as everything else! Good luck!

  12. Absolutely Andria! We’re working on more designs, keep checking!

  13. The Yummy Mummy design is up! Any other requests?

  14. LOVE the yummy mummy design.. hubby is all over the thong! LOL!

  15. Good! Let me know if you’d like anything else! We’ll do custom designs!

  16. seriously?? LOL that’s awesome…. I’ll let him know.. that could be dangerous… LOL

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