I’m not ready. SHE’S ready. I’m not.

Princess Peanut is 8-months old on Wednesday. And despite my pleadings with her to slow down, she’s very close to taking her first steps. I can prove it. I have video. Go ahead. Go click that highlighted part. I’ll wait….

So now that you’re back…WHAT THE HELL???? What am I going to do? I just now, 8-months later, felt like I was starting to get a handle on this two kid world.

I was just starting to actually be able to keep the house clean. And get dinner cooked, instead of ordered.

I was just learning to balance the whole –paying attention to one while occupying the other- thing. But the real kick in the ass is that I just was starting to feel like I might actually be good at this mother thing.

I get the feeling this new world of two kids running will send me into another tailspin that includes piles of dirty laundry, lego imprints on the bottom of my feet, and too many trips to get Happy Meals instead of healthy meals at the stove.

I need family, in particular some grandparents, to move their asses to California so I can get a little assistance here. Houseboy still holds her like she’s a bomb. So he’s no help.

The Kaiser just began another “crunch time” at work. Which means 12 hour days, 7 days a week for about 2 weeks. The holidays, and the gaggles of grandparents it will bring, really can’t come soon enough.


  1. i didnt realize your sweet peanut is only 16 days older than our young indiana jones! she is sure a looker!

    oh and on the grandparent bit… you must like your inlaws more than i like mine. my mother in law lives exactly one block from me. she drives me crazy, but you are right, at least i can leave indy with her for an hour so i can get away from him occasionally. i just have to keep telling myself that my husband didnt die.

  2. Great. Thanks. LOL…. Now my fears, that I tried to settle last night are back. Two of them! WHAT WAS I THINKING???? WHY DIDNT SOMEONE STOP ME. Aw well. Mine are a little further apart so hopefully that will help. I just have a fear my second will be as hyper as my first…… 8 months? My son walked at nine and I thought that was tooo early??? Wow.

  3. Her hair is killing me.

    You can see it on her face in the first picture that she knows EXACTLY what she is doing.

  4. Sorry KDubs. There are good days, I swear.

    Yes, Sarah. Her hair is killing me too. Its like fluffy feathers or something. And she TOTALLY knows what’s up. Sometimes I think she may be smarter than me.

  5. Brains and beauty.. more more could you ask for in a daughter? Look at it this way, your life will never be dull!

  6. OMG! That was amazing! Our lil ladies are growing up way to fast!

  7. Awwww… so sweet! I love those chubby little legs taking their baby steps. 🙂

    But at only 8 months of age??? ooooh boy… my second didn’t start walking till about over a year (but he was a preemie, so..)

    You’ll adjust, and do just fine, no worries 🙂 Time to babyproof bigtime now, though!

  8. Good luck! I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could give you some hope, but when my Lumpy started walking at about 11 months, things just went downhill from there! Still haven’t recovered, now that they are 2 and 4. Our idea of a homecooked meal is putting a family sized Stouffers lasagna in the oven — hey, we used a major kitchen appliance! We cooked! Don’t worry, you’ll get through it. Now I’m gonna go through the takeout menus to see what’s for dinner tonight…

  9. How crazy is that? I have an almost 8 month old boy and a soon to be 4 year old girl.

    I have JUST gotten used to the crawling and having to keep up with ONE walker… and now he has started!

    We’re going to go mad 🙂

  10. I feel your pain. My 9 mth old is almost pulling up, and is VERY quick on her knees, so between her and my 2 year old, nothing is clean and I’m constantly fearing someone will choke on something….

    lord she’s cute!

  11. Wow, holy crap, awesome, congratulations, holy crap (did I say that?)

    I have a solution–hand her a broom. If she can walk, she can help clean 😉

  12. Don’t blink or the next thing you see will be tail lights on the car as she drives off down the street.

  13. Soooo cute!

  14. Hi there.

    Found my way here thru Blog Explosion and wanted to say hi. 🙂

    What a cutie, by the way!


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