Order of St. Anne. Let’s get ready to ruuuuummmblle!

Throughout history, monarchs realized the value and necessity of rewarding gallantry in battle and loyal service, often by awarding gifts of land or money, or some sort of title or sign of merit as a mark of distinction. This was particularly the case when the first sovereign of a new dynasty succeeded to or took the throne and therefore needed to ensure that their supporters’ loyalty was rewarded. – Monarchy Today.

In that spirit, I, Queen of Spain, declare open the first ever “Order of St. Anne” competition. “Annie,” as I commonly refer to her, is the patron Saint of mothers, pregnancy, housewives…and less notably, lace makers, Detroit, cabinetmakers, and miners.

Your challenge is to post one photo on your blog depicting your most “Mommylicious,” “Mommyfabulous,” “Yummy Mummy,” “Housewife,” “Fertile,” or (for the nonMom) “CountRock” moment. Once your post is published, let me know in the comments of this post along with a link. I will review all entries and choose a winner for this month. December’s winner will receive one t-shirt (in their choice of style and size) from the Queen Store. And a special link on the Queen’s sidebar for the remainder of December.

Now, don’t make me get all PriceWaterhouseCoopers on your ass with rules. You get the idea. Play fair. Post one photo. One entry per blog. And I get to pick the winner. I am the Queen. I will pick one entry for whatever reason I see fit. That blog will be named “Annie’s Knight” for the month, and featured here on the Queen and her Royal Family in the sidebar for December. Friends and relatives can play. I’m the Queen, I do what I want. Nonbloggers can e-mail me at QueenofSpainblog@yahoo.com and we can work to publish your entry or find you a blog to post on.

All entries must be posted by midnight Saturday, December 3rd, 2005. I will announce the winner December 5th, 2005.

Now, go make me want to Knight you…


  1. Hmmm.. must go thru photo files…

  2. How is this for fertile?

  3. Very Impressive Sarah. Not many people can make two babies at once!

    The best part of that picture is Gabe’s face.

  4. OK, here’s mine for fertile:


    I must like you a lot to bare it all 🙂

  5. I dont know where to begin LOL….are they from pregnant to now? Like I am a mommy and still hot? Or before I was a mommy… LOLOL… hmm… I always take pictures of everyone else? I don’t know if I have those??? I’ll try. Cute selling idea though. I’m purchasing… i promise…

  6. Post whatever in whatever category! Anything you see fit!

  7. I’m going belly to belly with Sarah on fertile.

  8. Helllllo baby bellies! I love it!We’ve got ourselves a baby belly battle!

  9. Hmmm, here’s my link. I’m not sure if this is a “fertile” entry or one for “mommylicious”. I’ll let you decide.

    Thanks for the fun idea!

  10. Very nice jeej! Artsy too.

  11. I saw this on Running2k’s blog and decided to participate. Here are a few preggo shots of me http://veganmomma.com/blog/?p=588

  12. Wow! Look at Vegan Momma! The fact you lost it all so quickly makes me ill.

  13. I also am following the crowd, and throwing in my big belly pics. If you’d include me in the running, you can check it out at:

  14. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to do a category. I can’t decide between ‘mommyfabulous’, because I was working hard and lookin’ good, or ‘fertile’, for obvious reasons. I’ll take either title…

  15. I think everyone fits in all those categories so far! (Except no rockers yet)

    Keep ’em coming people! This is fun!

    …and how come I didn’t get a bubble bath at my hospital???

  16. While I have plenty of astounding belly shots, I decided to post my entry under Yummy Mummy.


  17. I suppose this should go in the Fertile section. It was at a Mayday Festival. The woman was at next years Festival with the child.

  18. Keep them coming people! These are SOME great photos! I’m having so much fun….

  19. Hello!
    I am new to your blog (well, new to commenting on your blog) and I am going to make my entrance by entering into the contest. You will find my submission here
    The post is sortof long…. I got carried away.
    Hope you make it to the end of it!

    Great blog by the way…
    I love the design!

  20. Hello! I posted a submission on my blog. How fun!

  21. Alilicious photos can be found here.

  22. Hi! It’s always so great to meet MORE mommy bloggers. I of course found you through the natural born networker, Running2Ks. So I thought I’d pop on over to see your blog. It’s great.

    I plan to read more, but I’ll begin by entering your fun contest. I’ve done so under Mommylicious. I hope you like it. http://bupp.blogs.com/rowan/

  23. Here’s my entry:



  24. My God there are some fertile creatures out there in blogland! Such great photos!

  25. Greetings—-mine falls under HouseWife.


    Great fun!


  26. Good day most revered Queen, I have question that is unrelated to the royal contest. I see in the sidebar that you’ve lost a certain number of royal pounds on a certain weight loss program…do you exercise regularly on aforementioned program, or are you mostly losing due to diet control. I, one of your loyal followers, have just joined the same program, and am curious as to other’s experience. I am doing the flex plan on line, as I can get no where regularly, least of all somewhere that will weigh me.

    If you have time, and are able, let me know how you are going about your plan, if you don’t mind. Thank you for your royal time.
    Most Fondly,
    used to be pregnant in the bubble bath…

  27. Your Royal Highness, I most humbly submitt my entry into the fertile catagory


    If it pleases you mam.

    PS. I didn’t read the rules until after I posted my blog…so feel free to throw me out of your court immediately.

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