…and all together now…”YOU ARE SCREWED!”

8 months, 11 days, 12 hours, and 43 minutes old, she takes two unassisted steps forward. Look Mom. No hands.


  1. I thought I was screwed when my little girl walked at exactly 10 months.
    I was wrong.
    Good luck!

  2. My son walked at 10 months. Being our f irst child we thought it was cute. Now I know better!

  3. Let the babyproofing commence.


  4. She’s still just crawling…we’ll see how quick she moves on the walking front…she keeps getting too excited when she takes a step and falls on her butt…and claps. We’ll see…

  5. Oh my! You will soon have your hands very full!!!

  6. Very cute! I love when they start walking.

  7. One step for baby. Two steps towards putting mommy in the insane asylum. Good luck!

  8. better you than me! hahaha.. 😉

  9. congratualations! we too are experiencing the struggles of a child learning to walk. its heart wrenching, tear jerking, awe inspiring, and just awesome.

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