…and so it begins…

Count Waffles the Terrible has started. He’s started that thing that makes all those without children cringe, and all those with children point and laugh.

“Mommy, where are all the Christmas Trees?”
“Are the Christmas Trees all at the farm, Mommy?”
“Is the farm down the street, Mommy?”
“Is the street big, Mommy?”
“Are we going fast in the car, Mommy?”
“Mommy, is that car just like our car?”
“Mommy, is that a Mommy in that car?”
“Mommy, is that car the same as our car?”
“Is that light green, Mommy?”
“Is that light red now, Mommy?”
“Mommy was that light green and then it was orange and then it was red?”
“Are we almost at school Mommy?”
“Mommy, are we on the street to school?”
“Mommy, are we going to school?”
“Am I in the car, Mommy?”
“Is this our car, Mommy?”
“Am I in my seat in our car, Mommy?”
“Mommy, is that a bird?”
“Mommy, is that a bird on the street to school?”
“Mommy, did the bird fly away?”
“Are we at my school, Mommy?”
“Are we getting out of the car now, Mommy?”
“Am I on the sidewalk now, Mommy?”
“Mommy, are we walking to my school?”
“Mommy, is this my class?”
“Mommy, is that my teacher?”
“Are those my friends, Mommy?”

And that was just a 5 minute ride. Is it wrong to have wine at 11am?


  1. From someone who has had a glass of wine at 11am during a particularly bad week of colic, I can say it’s totally not wrong. 🙂

  2. My daughter still does this, and she’s almost six.

    Screw Wine…go for the vodka.

  3. Ok, so kill me now, then??? Seriously. I love this child to pieces but this whole everything is a question Mommy must answer right now is making me insane.

  4. 5 minutes, my heart was racing and my head was spinning. 5 minutes. WHEW! Wheeeeeeeeeeee…..

  5. seriously…
    the only thing that’s different w/ my daughter, is that her questions are a LOT more complicated.

    But, unfortunately….just as prolific.

    Ever feel like banging your head against a wall??

  6. Are the bruises on my forehead THAT noticable?

  7. You should probably skip the wine, because if you start drinking now you’ll never stop. It just never ends.

  8. Both Mr. P and I were “why” children, in fact when Mr. P was little his aunt swore she would never take another vacation with his family after she spent one weekend answering “but why?” every two seconds.

    I think we will definitly get payback when Pumpkin is of that age 🙂 But curiosity is a good sign, I would worry about any child who did not display it.

  9. First, wine is good at anytime of day. Heck, have it for breakfast if you feel the need!

    Second, it took me nearly 5 minutes to READ all the questions so what if you just didn’t answer them? Would he just go on to the next?

    We once took a 10 minute drive with my stepdaughter and just for kicks I kept track of how long it was from the time she stopped talking until she started again and I never got past 4 seconds. She talked the whole time! Even if she was asking a question, we wouldn’t have had time to get a word in edgewise, so we just didn’t bother. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning!! SOOOO cute. Honestly, I’m sure it’s completely annoying day in and out but I can’t wait till my little muffin can be that annoying! I can’t wait to hear him talk like that! Wonderful!!! (says ignorant mom of a 19month old!!)

  11. LOL!

    Seriously, pretend your Italian… it’s not just acceptable, it’s downright necessary sometimes!

    Just remember that you don’t actually have to answer all of his questions… maybe just work on his counting abilities by limiting him to a certain number of questions. It worked with The Brain once he got the hang of it, and it turned it into a game. Always a good thing.

  12. He actually never expects answers…or waits for them. I don’ think I answered any of those!

  13. I always look at it this way: It’s happy hour somewhere, so wtf.


  14. Wine is good – anytime!
    At least the questions are interesting – just wait till the – “Why?” phase kicks it – spend several long minutes explaining something and all you get is “Why…why?…. But Why Mummy???” The more you say and explain, the more “Why’s” you get – Leading to its natural conclusion of – “BECAUSE MUMMY SAYS SO!””””” In fact – I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog to – “But Why Mummy…??!!!!)

  15. The “WHY” stage is aggrevating, but sometimes the questions they ask are ones you treasure for years.

    And eventually the “WHYS” stop and often so does the conversation. With my older one now it’s just a struggle to get her to lift up her head from the book she’s reading and answer MY question, never mind asking her own!

  16. Some of the questions kids ask are gems. 🙂

    And wine is always ok!

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