Running2K’s tagged me…what choice do I have, really?

The rules for this particular meme are as follows:

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot.
1. Annush
2. Vince
3. Hanuman
4. Running2Ks
5. Queen of Spain

Then you get to select five people to pass the love on to. Sorry kids, ignore me if you want, I understand
1. Sarah
2. Becky
3. Gretchen
4. KDubs
5. Adena

Now, on to the questions!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I really believe its fate I’ve been tagged and asked this question right now. Exactly 10 years ago, nearly to the day, I was at the end of a horrible, abusive, destructive and evil relationship. I was making my way back from the West Coast to Michigan after a road trip that involved a gun and a baby that was never to be. After the dust settled I moved to Florida. I met my husband, and my real life began.

What were you doing one year ago (I forgot this one earlier, but here it is now)
I had just turned the big 3-0, which the Kaiser commemorated with some bling that was engraved with “29”–because I’m 29 forever! I was pregnant with Princess Peanut, getting ready for Christmas in Florida and here.

Five snacks you enjoy:

We went from THAT to snacks? Ok.
Snackwell’s Fat Free Devil’s Food cake cookies
Kettle corn
Coffee (that counts)
Any kind of candy
Chocolate (milk or vanilla, none of that bitter dark junk)

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:

Anything by Sarah MacLachlan
Anything by Laurie Berkner
Anything seen or heard on Noggin or PBS Sprout
You Belong to Me, Patsy Cline (my wedding song)
The Canadian National Anthem

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

Pay off everything
Buy my parents a house and health care
Buy my husband’s family land in West Virginia
Set up college funds and trusts for the kiddos
Give lots to my old high school journalism program and my husband’s old hometown community museum

Five bad habits:

Too much time on the old computer
Too much time in front of the old fridge
Leaving lights on
Not using coupons

Five things you like doing:

Kissing the kiddos
Taking long, hot baths

Five things you would never wear buy or get new again:

A bikini
A belly shirt
Gold jewelry

Five favorite toys:

GOD, I mean, TIVO
Auto doors on the Mom Van
Debit card


  1. Woah! I never expected the whiplash between the first question and the snacks, but wow! I am so glad that you began your life fresh. And the rest of your answers just cracked me up. TiVo, how could I forget thee?…

  2. Suhweeeeeet blog! Definitely worth a bookmark!

    If you want a really good laugh, visit – People these days just don’t get to laugh enough, and here’s my remedy!

  3. hehe….methinks Horace is in marketing.

    I saw you tagged me….i just got home from viewing a horrible debaucle of an elementary school xmas play….than i drowned mt sorrows, and repaired my eardrums w/ some alcohol. (which i will blog about at a later date)

    As it stands, i have a screaming baby in my lap, and he’s facinated w/ the keyboard (blogger in the making), so i’ll do your meme later, possibly tonight.

  4. Ooooh, you mentioned Michigan in the answer to your first question … I am also a former Michigander … whereabouts did you live?

  5. Sorry about the bad relationship– you’ll see something similar in my response. Glad you got out of it and are now happy. 🙂 Are you from Canada? I assume so, my best friends are as well.

    I’ll be workin’ on this. I got hard news yesterday so this will actually take my mind off of it.

    Cheers girlie.

  6. They sang “Crazy” at your wedding?

  7. Laurie Berkner? snork.. cough..


    Someday I’d like to hear the story about the f*cktard you ran from.

  8. Mines up!

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