I am real RULER, sort of

I created a nation. Its oppressive. Its psychotic. Its all me baby. Go check it out and make your own.


Thanks to Adena for the fun.


  1. Love your prom queen shirt–still. Great stuff. You are adorable with those kids.

    Ever play Sims?

  2. Nope. I don’t think so. I’d like it, wouldn’t I?

  3. Cute picture.

    Take Care

  4. Oh, The Sims is great!

    You build these little houses, populate them w/ families (or singletons), and run every aspect of their lives (like when they can pee, etc)…

    Actually, i cheat, get TONS of money, and build elaborate houses and furnish them to the nines…then i move some SIMS in, and try to get them laid…Pretty, funny….:)

    Oh, and my nation from NationStates is out of control…love it!

  5. I am beginning to hate typepad.

    So, in the blogroll, you have it linked right, but in this post, it is apparently wrong.

    http://redheadsunite.typepad.com is correct. However, if you add the http://www., it suddenly takes you back to the broken snapshot from last week.

    So, in short, don’t add the www. 🙂

  6. Fixed. I think. Maybe.

  7. fixed!

    Yay! Thanks!

    Congrats on your kid skating, btw…

    With MY klutzy child, the minute she stepped onto the ice, she’d wind up breaking a leg. So, i really don’t tempt fate….

  8. I’ve had a nation there for a while, you can check out the Queendom of Oom-Mama-Llama here: http://www.nationstates.net/oom-mama-llama

    It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? We had the kids doing it for a while, but some of the issues are really not very appropriate, and plus they got bored after a couple of weeks…

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