I’m being unreasonable.

I have a million things to do before my holiday guests arrive on Wednesday. A MILLION. But the Kaiser keeps saying “its OUR PARENTS…don’t go crazy.”

Is polishing silverware, getting out good china, ironing a table cloth, making sure guest baths have towels, washing sheets, emptying the fridge of leftovers, etc. CRAZY???

I don’t think ANY of that is unreasonable. I don’t think any of that is any more or less what many of you do. Can I get some back up here? Or is he right, am I a crazy, clean obsessed, Martha holiday perfection wanting bitch?


  1. Sounds like u need an extra pair of hands.
    Enjoy Christmas with your family

  2. Yes, my husbands! Actually…he got our dishes put away last night!

  3. Hmmm I don’t own nice china and I don’t own silver. LOL…. all i would do is make sure my house was clean and the guests were able to sleep, eat, and bath comfortably. Don’t stress too much, enjoy yourself! 🙂 But if it makes you feel better then do the t hings you want to do! LOL… I used to stress more but they just want to see your kids and they don’t care about much else hun!!!! 🙂 Cheers girl.

  4. Sounds like you’re the kind of daughter-in-law my husband’s parents wished they had. I mean, really, you wash their SHEETS for them? Sheesh! Talk about 5-star treatment!

    Kidding… kind of. All those tasks do sound perfectly reasonable, TIME PERMITTING. If you don’t have the time to get everything done, save some things (like ironing the fine table cloth) for after they’ve arrived. After all, once they’re there to play with the kids, you should have some more free time on your hands. Theoretically, at least.

  5. KDubs—the china was my great grandmother’s. passed down. my mom finally gave it to me when she didn’t want to move again. Same goes for the silverware.

    I wish table clothe was fine too…but its a Target special. 🙂

  6. Well that’s awesome. My mom tried to pass some down to me that was horrible LOL… i probably would have taken it but we don’t have the room for it. I’m not sure what she did with it. It was pink, purple, and lime green….LOL…

  7. Every time the ‘rents or the in-laws visit I go crazy cleaning. And my house is always clean to begin with. I obsess over meal planning. I make schedules.

    And when it is over, I usually find it wasn’t necessary. But I feel better for having done it 🙂

  8. Paper plates and plasticware are just as good. After all, the holiday is about spending time with friends and family. The trappings are secondary at best.

  9. If you ask the parents, they’ll say, “don’t go to any trouble for me!” But if anything’s not in perfect order, you know you’ll hear about it… so you’re not being unreasonable… They are!

  10. Jeez, I think my mom considers herself lucky if one of our cats doesn’t actually jump onto her plate while she’s still eating from it! You might be her ideal daughter…

  11. You’re not crazy – well no more than I am…OK, so that’s not the best thing to be…! I go a bit cleaning mad too – I just want everything to be all nice and shiney and clean – only then can I relax and enjoy. It’s like you just want everything to be so perfect for everyone – it’s a driving, inexplicable obsession!
    Good luck with it all!

  12. Please—-I do all that when there’s a Holiday and no one is coming.

    As if I’m going to to tsk tsk myself………

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