Confession Monday

It started around Thanksgiving, I think. But I’ve been off the diet wagon. Ok, Ok, I’m not just off the wagon…I leapt off, ran to a pool of chocolate and mashed potatoes and threw myself in…then rolled around.

Here is my problem…I haven’t gained any weight back yet. So I’m not feeling all that horrible about it…yet.

I still have 10 lbs to go to get to my pre Princess Peanut weight. (a slim, slim 130) But I’m back in my size 10’s, eating, and happy and hovering around the 140 mark. AND the family is coming this week and it will be nothing but food, food, and more food until 2006.

I WANT to get rid of the rest of the weight. I really, really, really do. I just don’t want to work at it. Lazy, lazy, lazy me. But I’m going to hit that 9 months UP 9 months DOWN date with the Princess at the end of the month and I’m feeling the pressure to make sure all that pregnancy weight is gone for good.

I also feel guilty because I spent the money and re-upped with Weight Watchers and I haven’t been going. Maybe I’ll really buckle down after the holidays. Hopefully. No. No. I WILL buckle down. I WILL. And I’m going to keep telling myself that all the way to the holiday buffet.


  1. You’re down to 140 and in a size 10? Then you go and eat and drink and be merry! It’s Christmas! You can get back on the wagon after the 1st, don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Take it from someone who had an eggnog milkshake for lunch 😉

  2. I’m in a size 10 but I have the whole sag thing happening. My tummy looks like I’m still 4 months pregnant. And the flab. Oh good god the flab.

    I need yoga for christmas. And by the size of the boxes under the tree…I think I got sweaters.

  3. Size 10 and 140 sounds great to me! The lowest I ever saw was 165 and size 12. Then again, the 9 months up 9 months down thing didn’t work for me. More like 9 months up, all off immediately, then another 9 months up again. Argh!

    I’d say give yourself a break for the holidays. You’ve already come a long way, and a little reward, even if it is chocolate covered, is due.

  4. I have some great WW recipes that I’ve discovered recently. I’ll post them within the next day or two just in case you don’t have them already.
    I’ve been lazy too… tis the season!
    The way I figure it, January sucks anyway, might as well diet!

  5. you can do it girl!!!!!!! Don’t stress over the holidays too much just try to make good choices. Eat more protein than carb and just be picky…. but relax. Once the fam leaves gut the fridge of all that is evil and tempting lOLOL… And take adventage of the two grandmas and go on a walk a day with hubby?? or by yourself to balance it all out???

  6. Queen, you are my goal weight. That is where I settled after my first kid, and I want to get there again some day. If you can eat like that and be that size, you are one lucky lady!

    Although, I wish you luck in YOUR goal weight. I’d need a time machine and become 17 to get there. But I know you can do it!

  7. I’m totally jealous of where you are now. I lost all the baby “weight”, but things have settled in totally different areas! January diet, here we come! 🙂

  8. At this point, feeling bad about it isn’t helping, and it’s just taking away from your holidays.

    Swim awhile longer in the chocolate and mashed potatoes, and get serious when it’s more reasonable to think it will “stick.” Or the opposite of “stick” is probably more what I’m looking for…

  9. I’ll be back on the bandwagon with you in January….at least we keep moving right? The eating is the hard part – but nevertheless I can’t sit still for long, so that’s good.

  10. size 10? SIZE 10???

    I’m so jealous!!

    Go eat a pound of fudge. No, TWO!!

  11. im with you queen i was a 7 to 9 before the baby but now i cant fit in to a 10 cause its to tight and a 12 well it practically falls off and they dont make amny pants these days in 11. My goal weight is at least 135-140 hey only 10-15lbs to go! ahhhh after christmas its gonna be 25-30lbs left! im not that strong

  12. Want a workout that will tone you up fast? Get the TaeBo videos by Billy Blanks.

    You will see results almost overnight, I kid you not.

  13. Cooommme ooonnn, over to the daaaark side…screw the diest, screw the diet…I too, am hovering 10-11 pounds over where I want to be (of course, I’ve passed that 9 up and 9 back, like, 4 or 5 times now, as the “baby” is 5). I’ve gotten there, come back, gotten there, come back. I just know I can’t, or really really really don’t want to do it through the holidays. Why do that to ourselves? There’s always Jan. 1. But that’s just me…Do what you really can sleep best with. And either way, you’re gorgeous. I just know.

  14. Dear Queen of Spain,

    You’ve done well enough this year. Live a little.

    Then pick it up again January 1.

    Very truly yours,

  15. Erin,
    I’ve lost 14 lbs with 30 to go. I too, have run to the chocolate factory, arms open wide, after Thanksgiving. HMPH!! I’ve given up for now. After the New Year, I’ll join you in the buckling down!! LE Sigh….

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