The eagle has landed.

Can also be seen on Mr. Big Dubya’s holiday mantel
I’ve scrubbed. I’ve washed. I’ve clorox wiped and windexed. I actually used my finger nails to pick yogurt (no H) stains out of the carpet (the kid yogurt variety…not the other kind…geez). I’ve gotten breakfast food for 4 grandparents and planned dinners and lunches (no suppers) for a week. I shipped in Kielbasa from Detroit. I even have snacks and appetizers. The gifts are wrapped, including the Teacup that nearly cost me my life. And tonight plane #1 lands. Tomorrow plane #2. I’ll be popping in and out to update you on just how many times my father-in-law says “Yes sirriiee Bob!” and how many times my mother points out a stain on my carpet or my lack of tablecloths. Wish me luck in our first family Christmas at home with the Royal Family. Happy Holidays everyone! And I suppose Happy Birthday to that Baby Cheeses guy too.

Here’s some Holiday Card Envy for you!


  1. Very cute card. And lots of good luck to you! We’ll be awaiting the updates to see how everything goes. You’ll be fine – just smile and keep your game face on!

  2. I love that I could follow along! lolol… I hope all goes well my friend. Enjoy yourself, take deep breaths, and scream into your pillow as needed. LOL…. Good luck! When do they leave? I mean, how long does this wonderful fantasty last?

  3. Tell everyone we say hi, and assure your Mom that my Mom will make it through this move.

    They can start a support group for “People with Grandchildren in other states”.

  4. Love the pic…good for you for getting one. We’re considering Abe Lincoln Birthday cards this year, too busy at Cmas…and if it gets really tense with Mom, slip a little Xanax in her drink…

  5. I think Allison is on to something!
    Good luck and just try to imagine the whole event set to the Nickelodeon tune… trust me, it works!

  6. Sounds horrendous. Good luck! My inlaws don’t visit us much anymore, they get mad if they don’t get the royal treatment, and i just don’t have the time. My parents come to visit and gripe about my lack of kitchen utensils — or how my knives suck, how come I don’t have a meatloaf pan, how can I not own a cheese grater, a potato masher… But it sounds like you have it all under control, have fun! And don’t they have kielbasa in California????

  7. Great pic!

    Good luck with the grandparents. Just remember to count to 10 (ok, maybe 100 if needed) before blowing up at anyone. 😉

    Kielbasa – yum!

  8. Game face. Game face.

    Kielbasa HAD to come from Detroit. They don’t make the good Polish kind out here!

  9. Now THAT is a darling card!

    Have a great time 🙂

  10. So it’s come to this, a blog clip show…

  11. Yup. And after only 4 months of blogging. I’m phoning it in.

  12. Hugs, my Queen, you made some fine looking babies!

  13. Cute cute card!

  14. What a great card! They look so royal 🙂

    May you survive the holidays with your sanity intact.

  15. awwww! cuteness!

    Have you seen

    LOVEit! Nothing like sending my debtors a slice of cute babyness!

  16. Merry Christmas!

  17. You have to tell me where you got the cards done. I’m in a green rage about them!

    Good luck with the in-laws. Just drink. Drink. A. Lot.

  18. The card’s lovely!

    keep well and enjoy your holidays…

  19. Becky—


  20. Oh, you are a brave soul! I wish you all the best this holiday weekend!

    I’ve blogrolled you now so I can keep tabs on your family!!

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