I’ll jump in…

Since many of you have been very kind to play along with my contests, I thought I should go ahead and jump in one myself. Here is my entry for the free book give away over at A Mamma’s Rant. I like to call these “My Husband Had Waaay Too Much Time On His Hands.”

Back when we only had one child, and that child was still immobile and incapable of mass amounts of destruction, Daddy actually had time to make goofy stuff. These are oldies, but goodies…and should serve as a warning to those of you who think parenting gets easier as the baby gets older. Daddy no longer has time for this sort of thing.


  1. Love the baby rocker one!


  2. Waaaay too much time!

    Those are hysterical!

    I hope you win!

  3. Love those!!!

  4. Very creative! Good luck and kick some a**!

  5. LOL the beatles one cracks me up and sort of freaked me out…LOL…

  6. These are so cute – I love the guitar one, is that Henry Rolling?

  7. Yup, that’s Henry.

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