I Heart…

For the past 10 years, the Kaiser and I have eaten Italian food for Valentine’s Day. That’s our tradition. No gifts. No roses (although he may have broken that one a few times). And no fussing. Just Italian for dinner.

Last night I pulled frozen spaghetti sauce out of the freezer. My, how things have changed.

I think the Italian tradition (that sounds really Coppola, doesn’t it?) started because back when I was dating the Kaiser, he was Mr. Hardcore. Valentine’s day was for sucks. A corporate sham. And anyone caught dead participating in such a farce was obviously an idiot.

But love does funny things. More accurately, good sex.

So we opted for dinner. Then the Kaiser was spared the indignity of Valentine’s hoopla, and the Queen was happily sedated with red wine and canolli’s.

We got married and the tradition continued. We got pregnant and it was take-out on the bed, since I was on bedrest for the 3rd trimester with the Count. The Count came out and was nearly a year old and we forgot that year. But he pulled himself up to a stand, how could you bother me with such nonsense like Italian food???

…and here we are, two little kids later, and instead of some fancy restaurant, or even take out..we’re totally domesticated and pulling sauce out of the freezer.

In the end, as always (don’t you dare tell him I said that) the Kaiser was right. Some how our little family managed to strip away the suck from Valentine’s Day and really get into our little Coppola-esq tradition. Sure it’s been boiled down to the bare bones, but I think that’s exactly where it should be.

We got a Valentine in the mail from the Count. In the mail, people. The preschool sent them out, stickered and everything.

Yeah, Homemade sauce and homemade cards. Valentine’s Day is no longer for sucks.


  1. I hate Valentine’s Day, but I LOVE your Red Wings magnet!!!

  2. Yeah, that magnet is sweet!

    And those homemade cards are the best.. awwww!

    Happy VD 🙂 Enjoy your cannolis and wine, babe!


  3. You’re right about stripping the commercialism away and getting to the bare bones of the important stuff… love.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope it’s wonderful… sauce and all!

  4. Seriously–why all the hate? Just a day to say “I love you”-that’s all.

  5. Hello??? The sauce wasn’t from a jar? What are you complaining about? Your valentine’s dinner is already a lot better than ours any day of the week. And hey, you were at least together. Hubby and I passed each other at McDonalds at 6pm. “Hi, see ya, here’s the kids, bye bye.” So see? You had a nice Valentine’s day. Sniffle.

  6. If it makes you feel any better Tunia…we haven’t actually eaten yet. Well, the kids have. But the Kaiser and I haven’t seen eachother since he left this morning, and its’ 730pm now. ANd he just called, and traffic sucks ass and I’m guessing he’ll be home around 9. Sniffle.
    Double Sniffle because he has the wine.

  7. Bragging. Again. I want some wine people! LOL!!!

    Hope your night was great. 🙂 Enjoy yourselves & I love the card. LOL!!!!


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