Picture Goodness, because I’m tired.

…and I’m trying to get a post done over at BlogHer.

Why is it I am so PROUD my daughter can now wear a barrette? Is it some rite of passage? Some bizarre girl bonding thing? Or is it, simply, that it makes her hair seem less insane?

Whatever the reason, I love that I can stick things in her hair now. And I can’t wait until the morning Daddy has to do it. That also excites me. I have no idea why. I just think Dad’s doing daughter’s hair is hilarious.
Does me liking her hair all girly girly ALSO kick me out of the feminist club? I feel like I keep getting kicked out of that club. I give her dolls to play with too. If you ask Princess Peanut to give her doll some milk, she holds it to her chest to nurse. Cracks me up every time.

As for my little man, he’s repeating phrases from Madagascar that include him spitting out apple juice and saying “Ziplock Fresh!”

Last night we read a book with a farmer, and animals on the farm. We moo’d. We quacked. Then they showed the farmer and Daddy taught him to say “Fricken’ Frackin’ subsidies.” And you people wonder why I’m medicated.

p.s. Sarah has posted a very old picture of the Kaiser today that has me in tears. Go see my hot, hot husband.


  1. OHHH I love the photos.

    Hell, I don’t even know what club I’m in lOLOL….


  2. Ha ha ha ha ha – you are such a hoot. Peanut looks adorable. Enjoy the barrette thing while you can; Miss Thing started yanking things out of her hair not long after I started putting her in ponytails, and now she spends all day swiping hair out of her eyes. She will only allow barrettes in her hair if she’s going to a party or if there’s a stiff wind outside. ha ha!

    And I really don’t think you could get kicked out of the feminist club if you tried. It doesn’t require you to be a butch man-hater, just to feel that women’s rights are important and talk about it! :o)

    Happy day –

  3. 90% of the time Gabe has a barrette in his pocket. It is the only thing we can do with her hair.

  4. We don’t do barrettes yet. The reason has nothing to do with feminism. It’s that The Monkey would 1) yank hers and/or her sister’s out, probably with a good chunk of hair, 2) eat it and/or 3) poke her sister’s eye out with it.

  5. See, I’m glad that I had boys because I didn’t want to deal with barrettes and curls and all that stuff. Just comb it and go! LOL

    And speaking of hair – Kaiser had some back in the day, didn’t he? LOL.. great pic!

  6. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – love that picture Sarah posted.

  7. Normally my husband doesn’t stand behind me and read blogs over my shoulder, but he started laughing at the barrette thing and wouldn’t stop. Pestered me THE WHOLE TIME.

    He is going to be punished severely. I’ll make him pick up tampons at the store tonight. And I don’t even need them.

    Had to hop over from all the fun we were having at the BlogHer forum to see the fabulous Erin. Errr…Fabulous with a capital F.

  8. You know why it’s exciting when hair products can be used? Because it’s one indicator that you have A GIRL!!! Which for me at least saved the whole embarrassing moments when strangers get the gender of your child wrong..although they are fun, and boy can you mess with their heads….

  9. Awww! I managed to convince The Brain to let me play with his hair… I’ll post the proof as soon as I can find the picture!
    My kid is gonna be in therapy for years…

    I always wanted to have a girl. Your daughter is beautiful!

  10. I tried putting a barette in Pumpkin’s hair – it looked so cute – but then she yanked it out and put it in her mouth. I decided they were a bit too small and dangerous for in her mouth, so the barettes will have to wait till either she has more hair and they stay in better or she stops eating EVERYTHING she can get her hands on.

    And I love the photo of Kaiser! So funny! I used to like men with long hair… That glam rock phase I went through…

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