PPD, yeah you know me

It’s unreal the transformation that has gone on with me. UNREAL. Today, the Kaiser said “Glad to have you back.”

Ouch. and WOW.

I’m so happy I’m on meds and feeling better, but I’m also, very sad. It took me too long to get help. Too long. And I’m feeling the guilt, big time.

For those of you who may even slightly suspect you have PPD. Get help right now. Don’t wait. Don’t tell yourself it’s just a phase and it will get better soon. Just GO GET HELP. Drop what you are doing right now and call a doctor.

Don’t be ashamed. Don’t hesitate.

It’s a night and day difference around here. And I wasn’t even sure I had PPD. So if you even have just the slightest thought in your head that you may be post partum-get help.

Public Service announcement over.

I promise something stupid and light later-maybe another crotch shaving story.


  1. A most valuable PSA! I am glad that you, yuor husband and your kids can see the real you again!

  2. No way Erin. No sorries. As cheesy as it sounds, you may have saved someone’s life or someone in the future who will read this.

    I’m SO happy for you. My pregnancy has ignited a LOT of crap for me and I’m working with my docotors to try and wait till the baby is over. 🙁 I have some awesome support, so I am hoping that will sustain me for the next few months.



  3. After my twins I was lost for a while too…my family also commented to me they were happy “their Emily” was back not too long after I started getting help…

    Hearing that just makes you feel good, letting you know its not just you feeling better, its you really GETTING better.


  4. Glad the meds are helping and you are feeling yourself again. Don’t feel guilty about taking long to get help, you did and that is what matters! Women suffering from PPD often can not pinpoint that is what is wrong, often just thinking it is a phase – that is the hardest part. I hope your post here helps some other woman get the help she needs…

  5. Welcome back!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re depressed. PPD or not.

    The point is you were brave enough and strong enough to get the help you needed… AND share your experience with the rest of us. You’re awesome!

    Glad you’re feeling more like yourself. We should celebrate!

  6. I’m happy because now I know we really CAN trash the hotel room at BlogHer.

    Do you want me to bring my new diaper bag so that they will know we rock right away?

  7. I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting back to normal. No guilt, though – sometimes the time it takes to figure out what’s wrong is part of the solution itself (gee, I sound so yoda here, don’t I?).

    Being able to recognize it, and adding your own PSA to the blog world is a good thing. Hopefully it’ll help someone else to recognize it and get help as well.

    There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not yourself anymore, and not knowing how to get back to that happy place.

  8. Thanks for this post! Mommies have to reach out to each other, we are each other’s support system. I think Mom’s take so long to get help because they just think its ‘it’s not sooo bad, I can just deal with being a bitch 24/7.’ At least, that was my thinking. My husband had to bring up that I wasn’t my fun self anymore and it took me almost a year to realize it. Thanks also for introducing me to BlogHer, I am looking forward to the conference since I live about 10 miles away! Cheers!

  9. A great PSA indeed! I’m so glad you’re feeling better and that you’re espousing the need for women everywhere to get the help they need (and deserve) when the time comes. Good for you!

  10. Ah, warm fuzzy feeling about people’s lives going well, then……


    …crotch shaving comment. Ya just had to trot that one out, didn’t you……

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