Hippo Diet, delayed

Laurie at Stranded in Suburbia is, by far, the coolest chick ever. She ruined the first day of my diet with Paczki’s STRAIGHT FROM DETROIT.

For those who don’t know, these are jelly filled pastries used to get you all sugared up for Fat Tuesday. It’s a big tradition from my hometown. Basically you indulge before Lent.

They are the yummiest things on earth. And filled with calorie goodness.

As for the Hippo diet. Umm…we’ll start Monday.


  1. Thank Ozzy.

    My girl scout cookies aren’t here yet. Hippo or no hippo my fat ass is eating some Samoas.

  2. Mmm, those sound good.

    Omigod, it’s Girl Scout Cookie Season? YUM! Thin Mints, here I come! I totally dig Samoas too. And better yet, hubby doesn’t. More for me! Heh.

  3. LOL – I knew you’d take a picture!

    Glad they got there in one piece, kudos to FedEx 🙂

    As for the diet – fuhgeddaboutit – at least until the paczkis are gone!

  4. I saw paczkis in the grocery store the other day & thought of you.

    I bought two boxes of girl scout cookies, & my husband ate one entire box in one sitting!

    My diet also starts on Monday, so I will be joining you.

  5. Oh ok. No teasing. No teasing!!!!

  6. Oh gawd, you’re making my sweet-tooth hungry!! To add to my woe, the kiddo just brought home her cookie dough catalogue for a school fund raiser…the strawberry cheesecake in there has me drooling!

  7. I ate 6 girl scout cookies yesterday … but I’m pregnant. And it takes 4 thin mints to make a serving :).

    I did somehow resist the donuts that my mom brought over on Fat Tuesday … but only because I couldn’t get the box opened.

  8. They look yummy! Are there any left? LOL

  9. And im sitting here eating a maple bar! lol

  10. Ah, Paczkis, little lard laden lumps of luv. My favorite part of moving to Michigan is access to these puppies.

  11. Oh my god, I’m so freaking jealous … (and obviously very late posting about this!) … I sooooooooooo miss Paczkis!! And I’m not even Polish or Catholic or anything! But it is certainly something I miss about not living in Michigan anymore (that, and Faygo!).

  12. Doll! We have actual Paczki (Poncka) Dances here. With Polka bands…such as Eddie Blazonczyk and Frankie Liszka and Lenny Gomulka…I know you know what I’m talking about. And then we all go make peirogies (spelling is off, I know…) In my Polish family it’s a tradition…along with Fish Fry Fridays…-just laughing- I’m so HAPPY to know another Polish girl! Someday we’ll have to meet at Frankenmuth Polish Fest!

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