Would anyone believe me?????

It’s Armageddon around here. We may even stay up late, just to run outside.

You think I’m kidding.

IF and when the white stuff starts to fall, rest assured all hell will break loose. Latte’s will freeze. Hybrids will crash. And you better believe I’m waking my kids up, because this may not happen again for 25 more years.

I’m excited and making hot chocolate.

Stay tuned.


  1. How cool – I’m guessing you don’t get a lot of snow in your area?

    Funny thing is, here in Ohio, we started the day in the mid 40’s, and we ended it in the high 50’s.

  2. I’m sorry to say this made me laugh. It reminded me of the Bill Engvall bit about snow in Texas. Here in Central NY, snow is a way of life. Yet this weekend we are in the 50’s and 60’s. I hope you get some snow and the kids enjoy seeing it. If you ever want to live in it, Buffalo gets a lot! 😉

  3. Did the snow come? We apparently had some on Friday, but I didn’t know to watch for it! Oh well… yesterday morning we could see it out our front window, low on the hills. Hwy 17 was closed Friday evening due to snow and no plows, so all the poor chumps who work in Silicon Valley but live in Santa Cruz couldn’t get home. SUCK for them. Happens every few years.

  4. My mom said it was a mess around SF – a 23 car pile-up just north of the golden gate bridge because of snow… Californian’s just can’t drive in that white stuff! I hope you got some though and the kids enjoyed it!!!

  5. See???? I just told Jodes that I’d be bringing the Michigan weather to CA with me… LOL

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