Happy 1st birthday Princess Peanut Punk as Fuck, Heiress to the House of Noodle

Yes, she is beautiful…isn’t she?
Oh…I agree…those eyes are so very big and deep and dark.
Really? You think she looks like me? You must be mistaken, because I see ALL Daddy in this one. And some of her Nana.

No. No. I have no problems with her at all. Easy baby. Sweet as can be, our little peanut. And smart! I tell ya…I’m thinking Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame for this one. Just jolly and easy going and really very happy.

Her name? Yes, it is a bit unusual. But it was her great-grandmother’s. Well, I don’t think it’s THAT odd. In fact, I find it to be beautiful. And it fits her very well. Her middle name? Wow. You didn’t have to scrunch your face up like that. That was her other great-grandmother’s name. AND my mother’s middle name. And my husband and I think her full name is perfect. No. I don’t think she will be teased. Not anymore than any other child. And trust me…she’ll kick all their asses. She’s freakishly strong. I actually have to put my entire body weight on her to hold her down and give her medicine. No, I’m not kidding.

Sleep? Her crib? Haahahahahha. Oh. Sorry, ahem. No. She doesn’t sleep in a crib. In fact, I don’t even know where her crib is. Our garage…maybe? Maybe the attic.
Well, she sleeps with us, of course. And her 3-year-old brother.

Yes, yes. I’ve heard that. But we are safe. And we all sleep very well. Much better than many, many other parents I know. Sure we have some nights here and there. But mostly, we all sleep pretty good.
No. I’m not worried about rolling on her. Or her not gaining independence from me. Trust me…she’s fine on that front.

Oh no, it’s ok…you don’t have to leave. I can nurse here right here. No, really…you won’t see a thing. I just lift up my shirt and….yep…see, you’d never know, if it weren’t for the slurping.

Now…why would you say that? Of course she’s not “getting a little old for this.” She’s a year. And yes, I hear that’s what is recommended, yes…one year of nursing. But you see…I’m an overachiever. This stuff in these here boobs? Really good for her. Not to mention the comfort. Oh, the comfort. So, to answer your question…No, she’s not getting too old to nurse. And I have NO PLANS to wean her. She can wean when she’s ready. Her brother weaned at 19 months. I expect her to wean a bit sooner, but only because she’s a bit more independent than he was.

Her Dad? What do you mean? Oh, I see. You think her Dad would want these playthings back for himself. First of all, her Dad knows what is best for her, he is a man well educated on the benefits of breastfeeding. He is also well aware these are working breasts…not man’s toy. They are doing what nature intended them to do. I also think it’s funny you seem to think he has any control over them. Like they are his to play with and somehow I’m denying him because I continue to breastfeed past the whole one year mark. Please. Don’t make me laugh. What is best for these kids comes first in this house. And let me just tell you this much: these suckers on my chest…soooooooooooooo not going back to him in the shape they left. Not. Even. Close.

Bottle? No. She’s never had one of those. Pacifier? She has one that is a toy…somewhere around here. Well…no. I don’t get to go out for very long. 3 hours, 4 max. Then she needs her Mom. But hey, it’s what I signed on for. And she won’t be little and nursing forever. Inconvenient? Well, that depends on what you consider inconvenient. I don’t have family nearby, so it’s not like we have babysitters clamoring for kid-time around here. We are a family that likes our sports and things. So it’s not like I have all these places to go and people to see. So, no…it’s really not inconvenient at all.

Walking? Oh yes…since she was 9-months. Talking? Oh my. She even calls her Dad on the phone and has entire conversations, says “Gu-bye!” and hangs up.

The hair? Yes. Yes. I know. Today it seems to be down, but tomorrow, I’m sure it will be straight up in the air. We like it that way. Gives her a very punk rock look.

Sure, I’d be happy if she were punk. Or a tomboy. Or a girly-girl. Or like her Mom…a tomboy, girly-girl. Yeah, I know. As long as she’s not a cheerleader, I’ll be fine.


  1. Oh – what a fabulous, splendid, delightful birthday post for your stunning daughter!! Happy Birthday Princess, may you continue to have a wonderful life with your wonderful family!

  2. I think I snorted. LOLOLOL

    Happy bday peanut!!

    Do your regulars get to know her REAL name? LOL???

  3. Happy first year of life, Peanut! and i’m with kdubs… do us regulars get to know her real name??? =)

  4. You know she will want to be a cheerleader–that’s what kids do–defy their parents. It’s their job.

  5. Awww…what a sweet post! And that picture with peanut and kaiser is adorable. She does look a lot like him.

    So your mom’s middle name is Punk as Fuck? Awesome!

    (All kidding aside, as a mom of a girl with an old-fashioned name, I’m curious as well to know her name.)

  6. Happy Birthday pretty girl… it only gets better from here!

    And Queen… I spewed my decaf all over my key board thank you very much. A little warning next time if you please? Too funny!

  7. Happy Birthday, cutie patootie!

    Awesome post, darlin’! Rock on wit’ yo’ bad self.

    Much love and lots of hugs all around!

  8. Love it! Happy Birthday Little One!

  9. What’s with all the birthdays? The Count just had one, another blogger friend had one, and then…

    I’m next. I want a portrait of myself just like your little Peanut there. Shirt, no pants. All cottage-cheesy on the backside, too.

  10. Happy Birthday sweet little Peanut!
    Your mummy and daddy are doing a great job!
    Hope all you birthdays are happy and carefree!
    Big Hugz from across the Atlantic!

  11. What a happy photo. How do you ever get anything done with 2 cuties like that hanging around?

  12. Christina’s comment cracked me up.

    …and since I know your Mom’s name I can put it all together with “Punk as Fuck” as her middle name and it is killing me. I’m tearing up a little bit. Seriously. My kids think I’ve lost it.

  13. Aww, happy birthday to your little monkey!!

  14. Happy Birthday to the Peanut from her East Coast cousin Buddy Boy!

  15. oh yeah, giggling at work. great. and that bottom? painfully cute.

  16. An AWWESOME post from an AWESOME mommy!!!

    And Happy Birthday to the Princess!

  17. What a great letter! I really enjoyed reading that!

  18. Happy belated Happy, littlun’! And hey, that “one year” thing? That’s a MINIMUM. This “overachieving mom” went for TWO and a half years, until the child more or less weaned herself, because the recommendation from the World Health Organization (there’s more people out there than just us) is for TWO year, MINIMUM.

    Anyway, that would have been included in my response to anyone who felt like one year was the Great American cut-off line for nursing. Grrrrrrr.

  19. Happy Birthday Princess Peanut!!!

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