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Come see me at DOTMOMS right now.
Go there now.
Right now.
Stop reading this and go to
Leave a comment.
Because I said so, that’s why.
Then hop over to BlogHer and give me some love there.
Jesus wants you to go there too.
(That was meant in the spirit of fun. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Special winks and hugs to KDubs, Belinda, and Christine)


  1. I went, I saw, I said wooohooo!

  2. I need to ship you a plastic Jesus for your dashboard! heh! heh!

    Better yet … bobble-head plastic Jesus!

    We have quite an array in the great state of Texas.

  3. You can get Dashboard Buddy Christs at View Askew. At least they used to have them.
    (I got my new laptop! I’m back!)

  4. Hurray!!!! What a big boy he is (and what a silly mama he has)… But the funny thing is I can see myself doing the same exact thing!

  5. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Rock on, Count Waffles! BTW I love hearing about how potty training is going at your house.

    Gross poop-in-potty story – when Sweet Pea first pooped in her potty Slipshod was at work so I took a picture on my phone and sent it to him. He called back and said, “um, gross?” But that night at the D&D game that he runs in our garage, he gave the guys extra experience points for their characters if they would look at the picture. ha ha!

  6. I FOUND IT! While it’s not a bobble head, he is for the dash.

    The best part? He’s doing a little “Heyyy! Hoooooo!” thing with his hands.

    Seriously! You’ve gotta check this out. I can see QofS jamming out in the car, giving a little shout out to the Big JC:

    It’s either that, or the SNL guy doing, “I’m just kiddding!”

  7. I read yesterday, awesome.

    And no winks needed, come on now. LOL!

  8. OH MY. That Jesus action figure is raising the roof. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard.

  9. Love the dashboard Jesus on a spring! LOL!

    I thought I remembered him (er, Him?) with one eye winking and a thumbs up going on, and eventually found it… I always called him “Buddy Jesus,” but they called him “Buddy Christ” in “Dogma.” Check it.

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