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News you should know….go see me at Blogher today.

And for those who don’t want to be in the know, and prefer mindless entertainment:

The Kaiser and I have successfully ended the dry spell here in the Royal Kingdom, but not without laughter. I told him about my horrible day yesterday while we were, ahem…undressing. His response? “It’s about to get a whooooooooooole lot better.”

I’ve decided all men are really just 16-year-old boys.

The Count farted in school this morning and told me “Miss Debbie does not think ‘Smell the Love’ is funny, right Miss Debbie?” The Queen exited the classroom with a red face. The Kaiser will pay.


  1. i think “smell the love” is funny. but then again, i haven’t heard it thirty bazillion times…

    and yes, men are all just 16 year old boys. mine wildly humps my leg with an obliviously innocent look on his face while i brush my teeth at night. hilarious.

    yes, i mean my husband.

  2. Is that you at blogher qofspain? Wow! We’ve been following that story off and on.

  3. That is me…in all my glory.

  4. I’m crying.

    Miss Debbie has no sense of humor.

  5. I call bullshit.

    Ms. Debbie SO went into the other room, where kids couldn’t see her, and laughed her ass off.

  6. Oh boy, smell the love has now entered school talk? Yes, paybacks are in order.

    LOL – I agree that men are all 16 year old boys. Sex with them will make everything better, right?

    Oh, and I read your post at BlogHer, and I have to share what Aaron said at lunch today: with DeLay resigning and this news, it could possibly be the best. week. ever.

  7. My “16 year old” aka husband also thinks that sex is the cure-all. Got a cold? He has a remedy.

  8. No, it’s “smell da luuuuuv” LOL

    The repuglican dominoes are starting to fall – I love it!

  9. Smell the love.

  10. I made the mistake of sharing this post with my husband. He’s now enthused about having kids, I think so that he can teach them just this type of thing. Ha! We’ll see about that.

  11. LMAO at the Count! I’ll bet that teacher will ALWAYS remember him!

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