To top it all off…

Princess Peanut ripped her wound open today. So we trudged to the pediatrician where everything was closed again…it took her 1 hour to get this new cast off…which Mom reapplied with Princess tattoos…

…and on the way home we got in two (minor) fender benders in 5 minutes.

I’ll be locked in my down-covered house with the children in bubble wrap for the remainder of the week.

If my computer let’s me, I’ll be over at blogher eventually.


  1. Geez, what a sucky two days. If I lived nearby, I’d be on my way over with chocolate and margharitas for you.

  2. Was the Kaiser driving? Not that that means anything but my mother in law said you were so worried about Peanut that you shouldn’t have been driving. She almost cried for you (and Peanut) when I told her what happened. I won the mother in law jackpot. Anyhoo, I hope you’re doing better and that she keeps this cast on. If you got the wine in the box, there would be less potential for injury. (What with the corkscrew ya know)

  3. :o(

  4. I was driving. I was on the way home from the doctor’s office…both kids in the back.

    The first one…(I can’t believe I just said “the first one”- just the tiniest tap from behind. Some guy. And both of us knew nothing happened to either of our cars it was such a light tap…but we parked on the side and got out anyway. We both looked, and said “no biggie!” and took off. I put my minivan back in drive and went about 3 feet before stopping. I pressed the brake all the way down and the car stalled.

    You know how when you stall or switch gears your car kind of jerks??? Well, the minivan stalled and jerked and hit the car in front of me. Small scratch on the front of the van. Small scratch on the lady in front of me.

    I don’t know what I did to deserve this karma. And if someone could take the ju ju off me now, that would be swell.

    I may swallow…but I’m a really nice person.

    Did I mention I’ve put this new cast “back” on my daughter twice now??? She’s like the houdini of 1-year-olds.

    We’re taking the van (2005 Town and Country) to the dealership tomorrow am.

  5. She sure looks happy for someone who has given each of her parents a recent heart attack…

    Don’t they say bad things happen in 3s? Well, you must be done now.

  6. so cute!!!! How she hurts her hand?

  7. It’s been an all around crappy day for everyone.

    I totalled my car. Lovely pic on my site.


    Glad peanut’s finger is okay!!

  8. OH my goodness! Poor thing!
    Kids sure have a talent for getting into trouble. The more you try to thwart these accidents, the more you encourage them to be ‘creative’ in finding new ways to worry and torture you.
    These things are always worse for the parents than for the kid. I really hope your week improves from here!

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  10. I’m sorry you’re having “one of those weeks.” I hope it gets easier as the week progresses

  11. 1. What a crappy coupl’a days you’ve had. I agree with emily’s suggestion that bad things happen in threes. My guess is, you’ve paid your karmic dues. However, I’ll also go on record suggesting the bubble wrap and down house are both good ideas.

    2. After the 2nd fender bender, you might have screamed the supersecret password verification I have for this comment:


    3. For the record, that post by “Yuriy” is NOT me. I’m done with that cheeky shit.

  12. Hahahaha,

    Seriously. I need a new spam filter. How do I get porn spam??

  13. And she looks so proud!

  14. By 12pm today the peanut had unraveled the entire thing and threw it in a mud puddle outside.

    I give.

  15. Awww.
    Poor kid. What a shitty time for the Queen. But. She is seriously soooooo cute. Especially with the bandage!!!!

  16. May I PLEASE come stay in the bubble-wrapped house with you for a while? I need some soft places.

  17. Oh yes. As long as you pass through security first.

    We’d have fun. Soft fun. But fun.

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