Just In Time For Father’s Day

Count Waffles the Terrible has officially completed his very first year of preschool.


And the Queen managed not to kill any SUV driving Alpha Moms (who, as you may or may not recall…knit while driving), get kicked out of any parent meetings, and-might I add-I even managed to be polite to the one lady deemed the “crazy” Mom. I know, I know, many of you are wondering why I didn’t get that title. But I got pegged as “Tattoo Mom” early on, so I think the “crazy” was just assumed by all those other church going gals.

I don’t mind sharing the preschool program video of the Count, since you can’t really see any kids. It’s a bit blurry. Might be from what you will find my child doing on the end there. Go back and click that purple text up there. I’ll wait.

Yup. That’s my kid. The odd one on the end. No doubt about it. Mine. Allllllll Mine.

But what really, really capped off the school year was the little guy’s decision on what he wants to be when he grows up. Not a decision to be taken lightly by any 3-year-old. And certainly not one who can balance an iced tea bottle on his penis.

When faced with this huge, life question, our little Count opted against firefighter, race car driver, train conductor, baseball player, dump truck driver, and policeman. What is his calling, you ask? His much thought about future profession?

He wants to be a Dad.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

p.s. Not to be outdone in the “make Daddy’s heart melt” contest, HRH Princess Peanut can make herself fart on command and will proudly proclaim “POOOOOOP!” and laugh her head off.


  1. That brought tears to my eyes that he said that. How sweet and what a testimony to your hubs presence and dedication to his life. I love it. I LOVE it. And the farting— hilarious.

  2. now she has to say smell the love and her training will be complete

  3. such incredibly intelligent and talented children. no wonder you are so proud. who wouldn’t be?

  4. Wow, that kid is clearly planning for a major takeover sometime soon. Just greasing the palms for his plan.

  5. From that last paragraph it sounds like the girl is trying to be a dad too.

  6. That’s so sweet. He wants to be a dad! So that means he has an amazing role model in the Kaiser, to want to take after him! But then again, you’re the kind and nurturing mommy who shows him it’s okay to be loving and kind, so I give you all the credit. Don’t tell the Kaiser, I don’t want him mad at me. 😉

  7. LOL! The video is hilarious! Your boy is definitely going places with that amazing arm and that heart-melting response to wanting to be a Dad when he grows up! 😉

  8. Your kids are outrageously adorable and hilarious!!!!

    Tattoo Mom? Hmm…I wonder what people at the school called me behind my back.

  9. Love that kid’s whirling arm!

  10. Watching that video I think to myself, “All those other kids? They’re just going to be corporate drones someday. But the count? He’s got some serious potential to do something GREAT!”

  11. “But I got pegged as “Tattoo Mom” early on, so I think the “crazy” was just assumed by all those other church going gals.”

    You talkin’ ’bout me??? LOL!!! Oh girl, how I can relate to that statement – but that’s why we are kindred souls, I guess. You need more ink, though 😉

    Congrats to the grad! And congrats to his proud mama, too!! Oh, and tell the Kaiser “Happy father’s day” from me and mine 🙂

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