World Cup Action: I’m a Girl

Ok, at the risk of sounding like the biggest GIRL ever, I really need to get this off my chest:

Holy Crap, soccer players are HOT! Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier? Seriously. Soccer players kick every other sport in the world’s ass in the “cute boys” category. Assuming that category exists. I guess it does now. I really think if more US women knew this little fact, those network types and marketing types could totally sell the crap out of this whole “most popular sport on earth” thing.

I can see it now, millions of American husbands and boyfriends sitting down this morning to watch that whole US some random country Angelina Jolie visits game, and BAM! Wifey hears through the grapevine soccer players are hotties and the next thing you know men and women are actually -gasp- spending time together watching a game. Sorry, a match.

Wait. Maybe that’s bad. Maybe it would be better if women just had World Cup watching parties of their own. With other women. Then we can drink our girlie drinks and talk about abs on a player and that last bogus red card with abandon.

I realize this makes me look like I don’t know my way around sports. And I’m just another dumb girl watching sports. NOT TRUE. And I can back that up, go ahead and test me.

But I’d be dead if I didn’t notice those cute boys kicking that bally thingy.

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  1. I said it on Draft Day Suit, and I’ll say it over here. Yummy David Beckham.

  2. I’m sorry…what was this post about?! I can’t take my eyes off the picture you posted long enough to concentrate on the text.

  3. You flippin bust me up inside. Honest to pete. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    He is sexy. I admit it!

  4. The ONLY sport I like to watch is soccer. LOVE me some soccer boys!!


    When you have a soccer-watching party, give me a call…I’m SO there.

  5. I think I can get on board with this sport…

  6. When I was in High School, the only sports I liked to watch were soccer and lacrosse, because that’s where all the HAWT guys were. I guess it hasn’t changed. I’m all on board with watching soccer.

  7. I’ve been watching soccer I was in high school, and yeah, the guys are hot. (Football players may be, too, but who can tell under all that padding? Ho, hum.)

    When I started watching, the players were wearing those great little short shorts. The thighs! The asses! Whew. Then I took a break. (Life intervened in the form of small demanding children.)

    When I returned, they were wearing frickin’ BASKETBALL SHORTS!! Hey! Where were the thighs? No hope of ass. Sheesh.

    Lately, though, the trend is once again up, up, up. Good on ya, guys.

  8. Mmm-hmm. I’ve always wondered why we (as a nation) didn’t like soccer more.

  9. Oh there are people in the US who watch soccer? Thought only the rest of the world watched, or so I was given to understand:) Here even some movie theatres are screening the matches, even though our country has a snowball’s hope in hell of qualifiying!

  10. ok so um yeah, what do you recommend me doing to dry the drool in my keyboard?

    will it short out?

    is it wrong that I’m having very naughty thoughts about my husband doing things to me but it’s that photo in my head?

    ::deep breaths::

  11. Right! Who will ever understand the way a lady thinks? Watching soccer for the hot guys? You watch it for the goals and the Brazilian samba moves. The slides and tackles. Not the guys.
    BTW, I’ve heard Ronaldo of Portugal is one of the hottest players out their. There you satisfied! Football = hot Boys, ashame. We can’t even watch those hip hop clips, hypocryte!

  12. Soccer boys: BEST. LEGS. EVER.

  13. I LOVE World Cup! I Love soccer! I’ve been known to sit on my sofa on Saturday and watch Fox Soccer Channel all day long.

    Yes, I know, I need therapy. One of those fine men can heal me…

  14. Yeah, but have you heard Beckham TALK?? He’s not exactly the brightest bulb…..

  15. Greeting Q of S- You are totally on to something here! This can be our sport. We can get together and ogle them like they did the Solid Gold Dancers of yore!

    Funny! Came here via Dana’s blog. Cool!

  16. I actually like soccer, but no one else I know likes it, so I never watch. But hell yeah, the boys are mighty fine eye candy for watching a sport!

    It’s the new Mom’s Night Out activity: women sitting around sports bars, watching soccer and making lewd comments about the player. 🙂

  17. Hi! I am finally delurking, love the blog.

    OK, soccer boys, way too cute. My son is here because of a soccer boy haircut and a very cool pair of sunglasses. Need I say more? 🙂

  18. Way to DELURK Gwen! Whooo hoo!!!

    As it turns out, the Kaiser was a soccer boy too. Dammit.

  19. I’ve gotta say that while his torso looks nice, his face kinda scares me.

    Been having a hoot reading along, but am less able to type these days what with the frequent armload of baby. Love the pictures and all! Hee!

    BTW, is the Count fully potty trained now? Sweet Pea is talking about using her potty, but refusing to actually do it. But she says that since she’s a big sister now, she’s going to start using her potty and wearing underwear. Now how do I get her to DO that? ha ha!

  20. Psssst… *whispers* We actually do that here in Europe! Good times! But shhhh…. don’t tell anyone!

  21. Yowza… maybe I need to tune in to a soccer match, eh?

    Ok, I’ll bring the beer! LOL

  22. Um…did you say something? Cuz I’m just a little distracted by that fine specimen of a man.

  23. Seriously? I did not even READ this post. I sat here in awe and licked my screen. It tasted dusty, but when I closed my eyes I could swear I just licked that man.

  24. Yeah, what’s with the shorts. Queen needs to start a petition to BAN them from the game. Shorts. Even the short ones. I say, NO SHORTS!

    I married a soccer boy too. Totally agree with the best-legs-ever comment. Still.

    Lucky me.

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