Fire is OUT

…for now anyway. They are predicting 115 degree weather this afternoon. Fun times. Fun times.

Thanks for everyone’s concern. The poor Kaiser had a two and a half hour ride home last night, detoured.


  1. Stay cool. And not in the high school yearbook sense. Avoid Magic Mountain. Don’t smoke and throw your butts out in that Santa Clarita dry brush. Let’s see, any other commands I can throw out? Mmmmm.

    Eat ice cream?

  2. If I was going to be home, I’d invite you over to enjoy the beach cool (despite the fact that I haven’t vacuumed since before the war started. I won’t say which war).

  3. 115 degrees? AMERICAN degrees? WTF? I came all the way out here from Florida to get away from the hotness. Course, the high in Irvine is supposed to be 88. That’s a bit cooler than 115, but still. I wanted weather in the 70s.

  4. I’m so happy to hear that!

  5. I’ve missed a lot here! Your blog doesn’t show up as “updated” on my blog roll anymore. I wonder why. Hmmm.

  6. Small world! I live in Stevenson Ranch and boy it is HOT! Yesterday at my daughter’s gymnastics my car registered 117! Thank God for air-conditioning. I like your blog. Nice design and artwork too!

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