When your past is your future, and your future is your past

It’s easy to be overcome by the cocobutter sunscreen fumes and sticky humidity. The crunchy chlorine hair and always wet bathingsuit. But it is hard to explain the overwhelming hug and emotional tug of family when you see your daughter mirrored 51 years earlier.

Nana or Hala?

I can pretty much assure you they both make me crazier and happier than any daughter or mother on earth.


Baby girl looking at baby nana


  1. Isn’t that amazing? Genetics is one tricky thing. My husbands baby picture is Dawson completely and it’s so uncanny. God sure knows the business. Hala is just so beautiful. But I think you know that. I just can’t stop saying it.

  2. I am the fourth generation woman(that we have photographic evidence of) that looks exactly alike. My oldest son also looks exactly like me, but he has the junk so we don’t count him 🙂

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Is it wrong that I wish she looked like a little me?

  4. Oh wow!! That’s so sweet! It’s the same with my brother, dad and grandpa!

  5. I don’t think it’s wrong at all!
    I’d want my daughter to be beautiul too 😉

  6. Wow that’s really neat, but I understand you wanting her to look like you! The problem my sister and I have realized is that we will all inevitably end up looking like our mothers, like it or not. In my case, I do not like that one bit!

  7. That is amazing! Wow. I have to dig up some old baby pics now.

  8. But Count Waffles looks like you! But I know what you mean… you want the one who’s the same sex as you to look like you, right? I’m so curious to see who/what my girls will grow up to look like. So far I’ve got two little mini-mes. But Sweet Pea also looks exactly like her daddy as a toddler, except that his hair was platinum blonde. It’s freaky how kids can look exactly like two (or more) different people in their family trees.

  9. Violet the Verbose says:

    Speaking of which – back to the Peanut – it is wild that she can look so much like your mom’s baby picture but also look exactly like her daddy with the exception of hair color!

  10. Erin, I think Hala looks like you. I see your face when I look at her. I did before you showed me your mom’s baby photo. My husband even said so when he was looking at your blogher pics. His exact words, “My that little peanut looks like her mama.” I said, “Don’t say mama or she’ll think of her virginian relatives.”

  11. Both babies are adorable!

  12. Hey, I’m commenting twice today, what a deal! I just posted about another blogger’s efforts to spread some blogland love, so here I’m sharing my “warm fuzzies”:

    Erin, you totally crack me up. You have a way with words that I wish I had. You don’t take crap from anyone, and if anyone pisses you off, all of the blogospere knows about it. You shamelessly nurse a beautiful little girl, you share tips about great ass jeans, and you’ve helped me overcome some hard times by sending me that book! I love stopping by here everyday to see what The Queen has to say!

    Now go share some fuzzies…

  13. Caroline (Violet the Verbose) says:

    Dana, WEST Virginian! Sorry – old habits die hard – just seems like so few people realize that Virginia and West Virginia are two different states. Ha ha!

  14. I found you via Chase. She’s adorable!

  15. That is adorable and amazing. But I think she looks like you when I’m not looking at your mom’s picture. Anyway, you should put Peanut and your Mom’s pics together in some kind of nifty frame. =)

  16. Oh! Violet!! I forgot it was West Virginia! My bad! Now I remember! Thanks for the reminder!

  17. allow me to be like the ninetieth person to say WOW. So cool!

    Menanwhile, how is it that I met your daughter at BlogHer but not you? What is this crazy world coming to?

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