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I love it when a plan comes together.

As many of you might have guessed, some amazing things came out of the BlogHer conference. And it wasn’t all booze-fueled. Ok, most of it was…but not ALL of it.

Something that I am OVER THE MOON excited about is the Blogher Relief Network. This is where we, as a blogging community, get to give back. More details to come.

Sarah makes her Blogher debut today. Sports (and fitness too) whooooo hooo!

And Troll Baby has launched what might be one of the most powerful, raw and real blogs out there called Motherless. Check it out, and bring a hanky.


  1. It’s so awesome to see “Contributing Editor” next to Sarah’s name! She is awesome.

    I’ve read through the posts on Motherless, and I have one myself, but it will take me some time to write it down. I agree, be prepared to cry.

  2. Congratulations Sarah! Well deserved, babycakes.

    Thanks for the lovely shout-out to Motherless, Erin. Word cannot express the feelings I have about this new project, but I will say it is extremely freeing, writing all these things, and even more amazing, the things that others have sent in.

  3. P.S. Is Motherless a site that can be a part of the relief network?

  4. Thanks guys!

    Erin – explain more about the relief network.

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    I’m still waiting on details. But I know it’s going to give us an opportunity to do things like get laptops and internet service to inner city moms. Raise autism awareness. Raise funds for life saving medical things for kids, etc.

    We’re going to use the popularity of the Momblogs to tap those advertisers for money for projects too!

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