First Day of School

When my son would refuse to leave my arms during Gymboree, well intentioned family members would joke about him being a “Mamma’s Boy” and spoiled by all that holding, and nursing.

He won’t be independent, they’d say.

He’ll be a wimp, they’d say.

He sleeps with you. He’s always nursing. He is never out of your arms. That can’t be good, they’d say. Because, you know, if you hold and spoil and love a baby too much, they won’t understand the cold and unloving world around them, I guess. Or something.

Today was the Count’s first day of school. Last year he began preschool with everyone terrified he’d cry the entire time. He didn’t. In fact, he was thrilled to go.

This year he actually got annoyed with me when I didn’t leave right away. Imagine this, coming from a 3-year-old, in his best Valley Girl voice with bonus eye roll:

“Gooooood bye, Mom” with a very lazy hand wave thrown in.

When I picked him up and peppered him with questions about his day, an exhausted little boy put his hands up like an old, Jewish man, shook his head back and forth and said,

Ok Mom, the pink girl bit the other guy and there was a spider and we all ran away-fast. That was all that happened. Ok?”

Not only does he have ZERO separation issues, but he’s already annoyed by my motherly prying. Greeeeeeeeeeat.

First day of school


  1. Who is this “pink girl” and why does she bite?

    LOL. That is seriously awesome. I’m glad The Count proved the judgemental and unknowing assholes wrong.

  2. What a cutie! See? This further confirms my argument that breast is best and that a child can NEVER be loved on too much.

  3. Ohmigosh, that sounds like an awesome first day! That kid sure knows how to write a headline!

    I think I gave my mother separation issues when I went to school. By the time I was 5 I had 3 younger sisters, so I was excited about going to school since I was always told it was something I’d get to do on my own. But when I walked into my kindergarten class, I was horrified that my mother had sneakily followed by bus to school, and there she was sitting at a tiny desk! I went to her and hissed “get lost!” and apparently my mother drove herself home in tears.

  4. Aww thats so cute. My son screams bloody murder if I go into the bathroom. I fear to imagine what he will be like on the first day of school.

  5. Woohoo! Sounds like a great first day. I thought we had a few more years before the jaded teen-thing though. 😉

  6. Congrats on a good first day. It must be exciting to see him grow up and maybe a little sad. I think it’s great that even in the face of other’s criticism you did what felt best for your family. When my best friend’s oldest began preK this year she told her mom to “leave already.” No tears at all, in fact when she was picked up she laughingly told her mother about all the kids that did cry. I think it was way harder for mom than it was for the little girl.

  7. That is fantastic that he handled it so well. I am glad to know initial clinginess doesn’t indicate future first day of school drama.

    I loved his recap of the day. A real news child. Gets right to the headlines. pink girl bites another, scary spider, the end.


  8. That’s why I don’t let my daughter play with pink girls.

  9. I just had a similar situation. But it was my daughter’s first day of school ever… and she didn’t care at all. Not a tear of separation anxiety was shed.

  10. Sounds like a great first day!

  11. He is adorable!! It is nice when they handle the first day of school so well.

  12. He is adorable…
    I love the way he summed up the day…
    If we could all be so lucky to just give the facts ma’am nothing but the facts…
    That was great!!!

  13. People said the same thing to me…and my daughter was fine.

  14. Mr. Independant, huh? Just imagine the teenage years!

    Adorable picture. It makes me want to fly out there, just to hug him!

  15. That’s the sweetest revenge.


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