I Like Sucking On My Toes

People like you make me cringe. No only was your comment about
Absolutely Mindy immature and nasty, but unnecessary as well. Is that the example
you hope to set for your own kids? Is it so hard to just turn the radio
off? Absolutely Mindy has won many awards for her show and does not need a
‘Mommy Blog’ to brag about them. Hope you feel good about yourself.”-Ashlie

I still hate Absolutely Mindy. I hate her. Her voice makes me want to pull all my hair out. Pour acid on ears. Shun XM kids forever because they employ someone who’s voice makes mothers kill themselves. And that is the nicest thing I can say.

Should I have talked about pulling out vocal cords? Probably not. Does she still suck? Yes.


My apologies to Ralph’s daughter, Fiona.

Apparently Ralph enlisted the help of his daughter for his new videos on Playhouse Disney. How the hell was I supposed to know the girl jumping around next to Ralph was a relative? From my angle, she just looked like a very conservatively dressed dancer. On speed.

Of course I do not believe she’s at a bar drinking scotch with the now fired Melanie, formerly of PBS Kids Sprout. Her Dad is a rock star; she’s totally shooting up heroin in Hollywood.

Cough. Cough. Cough.

Rest assured I am usually pretty fair and balanced. And to prove myself, I’ve just finished a lovely chat with Genevieve of Choo Choo Soul. She and the crew will be rockin’ the Queen of Spain blog next week promoting the ITunes release of their kick ass kid’s songs. That totally makes up for making fun of a teenager and some annoying radio personality.


  1. Absolutely WHO? Never heard of her. Sounds like that’s a good thing.

  2. I got blasted for ragging on Mindy, too.

    I love Choo Choo Soul!

  3. I have never heard of these shows…I am mmissing out or no?

    I’m still in the Noggin era.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    Ralph’ World only comes on a music videos between Disney shows.

    Absolutely Mindy is on XM kids, and yes…don’t listen to her.

    But I highly recommend Choo Choo Soul-they also do music videos between Disney shows in the morning.

    Ralph is pretty good…but we’re looooooving the Choo Choo Soul gang.

  5. What Ashlie probably doesn’t know is that you were once an annoying radio personality in your own right…and I bet you had plenty of people complain about you.

    (I once got THREE letters – an organized group of people – complaining that, in an article about a new FIRE TRUCK that I did not mention how great AMBULANCE paramedics are and obviously I was biased against ambulance drivers…because I am a member of the liberal media and am like that LOL)

  6. I’m glad you cleared up the Ralph’s World thing. I was wondering about that myself.

    And I previously said that Choo Choo Sould drove me nuts, but it’s really growing on me. I find myself singing these songs often! I can’t wait to see what’s going on around here next week.

  7. Well pfffft for me cause I am soooo outta the loop!

    Damn that hate mail you get is precious as it makes for great comedy… as well as horror… quite scary to see the freaks that surround us and to hear women be so ridiculously idiotic is heartbreaking, annoying and makes me wanna just kick ’em (and I am just being polite right now)…

    I would love to see their faces when encountered with your brilliant responses! Me! Laughing my ass off and clapping away! Quite the moronic look on the couch, laptop in hand but hey! ‘Tis worth it! 🙂

  8. we left-wing parents must do better at being role models for our children. like how the other side is.

    and, dude! disney is THE devil. that’s all i’ll say for now, but i will lecture you over cocktails and cupcakes.

  9. People should really by now that their hate mail is great fodder for you next post. Ah well, at least the rest of us can benefit from their stupidity, so maybe it’s not such a waste after all!

  10. Never heard of her….but I do have XM, so I appreciate the warning.

  11. Mindy, I don’t know who you are.
    I have no opinion of you.
    Choochoo Soul – rocks the house.
    Dan Zanes – rocks the house.
    Ralph – he’s okay, we neither love nor hate him.
    Laurie Berkner – rocks the house.

    Now, back to the girl in the Ralph’s World videos, is this the great disappearing girl we once spoke of with such fondness and concern for her whereabouts?

  12. I LOVE XMKids. Seriously: Kenny Curtis and all the animal characters? Bear E. White, the Bi-Polar Bear, love god of the arctic circle? Lorenzo Llama, who can’t bear to be touched, but lives in a PETTING ZOO? Vinnie da Pooh? Dirk, the Fourth and Forgotten Chipmunk? FORREST FREAKING SKUNK? As in, “Stinky is as stinky does?” HOLEEE COW, I love that morning show. It. Is. Brilliant.

    But hear me now. Not to impugn the character of the actress who plays the titular character, but “THE ABSOLUTELY MINDY SHOW” ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. That is the ONLY time of day that I switch off XMKids. Whatever good music might be played is NOT worth subjecting me or anyone else to that nails-on-a-chalkboard voice screeching over my subscription radio. NO THANK YOU. Even my daughter, when she was three years old, said, “Mommy, I don’t link assoluty Mindy. She sounds yucky.”

    Yes, my child. You are sooooo right. Awards, schmawards. That show, along with Raffi, is the epitome of what is WRONG with children’s programming. The INTRO makes me want to pull my hair out by the roots, with its reference to TOE JAM. Gag. Get a grip, XMKids. Pull that show, and STOP PLAYING RAFFI. EVER.

    OK, I think this has now become a post. Which is good, since I haven’t had one in over a week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. XM Radio has 170 channels. Find another one if this one is so offensive.
    What says your child has to listen to “childrens programing” when it is in the car anyway? Does it hold its breath and turn blue?
    Use some common sense. Turn on good music to your children when they are young and let everyone enjoy the music.

  14. Queen of Spain says:

    Umm…Mia…We love the music on XM kids. It’s the host of one particular show I do not care for.

    And “it” thinks you can suck it.

  15. Ok,
    This is a very interesting take on Mindy. I found this link on the Ninja Poodles site. Well I may only be 30 years old and a child at heart but my kids under 7 years old love it. Mindy acting like a kid is very entertaining to kids. Just like the upsidedownshow who play with an invisible remote for a whole 30 minutes. My kids can not get enough of it. So if my kids like it then I am ok with it. All the shows on XMkids are great. Although on Ninja poodles making Kenny Curtis out to be the best show ever is questionable. It is like making your crazy Uncle watch the kids. Now do not get me wronge it is a good show . So I Like all the shows on Xmkids and so do my kids. Mindy relates to kids and that is why it is entertaining and with her being loud… Yea! Like that bothers me because I have kids and listen to it all day so it is not different if they are being good and the radio is loud. Please Ninja Poodle you complain way to much about your ears bleeding. I would have thought you would be over that by the time you kid was at the age of 2. I know I was. Stopping kids from talking or being kids is like stopping the rotation of the earth. SO MINDY KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! Do not change! Stay just the way you are!!

  16. LOVE, love LOVE Mindy !! Honestly, I regularly marvel at her talent and what a genius she is with the kids. She is funny, creative , smart , playful and our favorite show on kids place live. MINDY you ABSOLUTELY ROCK !!!

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