Ballots and Hickeys

I took my 19-month old along for my “I meant to mail it, but ended up dropping it off at the polling place” absentee ballot vote. She got a sticker. She didn’t actually vote, but the nice lady gave her sticker. Which meant I heard “Oh! The baby voted!” at the:

polling place
music class
toys r us
escrow company
burger joint
grocery store

The sticker was in her hair by the preschool stop. I nearly had to cut it out. Why is it that damn “I voted” sticker fell off my shirt in 10 minutes yet stayed in my daughter’s hair ALL DAY LONG???

So while my little girl spent the day laughing about the sticker in her hair, my husband spent the day trying to hide (in bizzaro 90 degree weather) the hickey I “accidentally” gave him. He nearly made it all day without a comment, and as he walked out the door heard “Aaron, is that a hickey on your neck???”

I know. I know. Tacky. Totally tacky. But sometimes things happen. Normally I would just giggle about it, but instead I rolled with laughter because my husband (and his sweet, sweet ass) had to give a tour of his place of employment and then have dinner with members of a certain state’s film commission. With a hickey on his neck. From his wife’s hot, hot lovin’.

Wanna know what kind of man I married? His response to those who noticed:

10 years and a hickey! That’s good, right??!!


  1. Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That’s hilarious. I was amused by the weather today as well. I’ve been opening the windows to dry out the bathroom after showers as well as make sure the house stays cool, but today that was a bad move… not only was it rather warm here, it was also freakishly moist. Very strange.

  2. LOL! Nice cover, Aaron! Last week, one of my ASL students had a hickey. Since he was the only boy in the class, the girls gave him grief about it. I just pretended not to notice anything was amiss.

  3. Nice suction after 10 years! I can only strive to be that lucky!

  4. Seriously….I can’t give Doug a hickey. He has skin is naturally more tan than mine and they don’t show up. But HE thinks it’s oh so hilarious to give me them. I hate them. Thank goodness he doesn’t do it often.

    I’m sure Aaron looked adorable with a hickey. You need one to match. And that was such a cute response to the question!

  5. Tonight you’ll have to suck on something other than my neck. Yeah, like you didn’t see this comment coming…

  6. Go Kaiser! 😉

  7. Queen of Spain says:

    Oh dear God Don, don’t encourage him.

  8. Yeah, you set yourself up for that one.

  9. You get all of that done in one day after having had the energy to give your man a hickey???

    That’s pretty incredible! He’s a lucky guy!

  10. …blushing….you two are too much for an old lady like me.


  11. I bet he was proud as punch…’cause he the man…..!

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