So What Did YOU Do This Weekend?

My Weekend


  1. Ha ha ha! Omigosh, you guys are hilarious. We decorated a gingerbread house and it will be the centerpiece on our table tomorrow when Slipshod’s family invades. Wahoo! So much still to clean up, or at least hide. What am I doing here reading your blog?

  2. Whatever I did was not as fun as what your family did. I went to a family Christmas party where I pretended to know who everyone was, then I went out with friends. Did you have a hat/wig on too?

  3. This will be your Christmas card, right? Just Photoshop yourself in wearing some pasties and I’ll give you my address RIGHT HERE ONLINE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.

  4. Ooh! I agree with MOCHA!! That would be the bomb!

  5. Awwww. Aaron looks so pretty.

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