Kraft Singles, Not Just for lunch

I need to know how to get Kraft Cheese out of hair


  1. Oh man, I’m thinking something horrible like baby oil would work.
    Or, what if you wash the hair, comb out as much as possible and then blow dry the hair to try to melt it?

    None of these ideas actually sound good to me……

  2. Oh my! It just got stuck in her hair? A cheese single? I can honestly say I’ve never thought that was possible.

  3. I really want to laugh, but I have all these issues about hair. Oh, wow. That just can’t be good.

  4. I love food in the hair!

    My daughter is a master of it

    She came up to me on Christmas day with a dum dum stuck in nape of her neck…….don’t ask, I don’t know!

  5. Queen of Spain says:

    I let the cheese dry (yes, it was wet and gooey, a fun bonus) and then used a comb to brush out as many dry chunks as I could.

    Then she was bathed and washed, and it all came out.

    Thank freaking God, because I really thought I was going to have to resort to some freaky old wives tale.

  6. Thanks be it came out. I never realized cheese could stick to hair like that. At least you didn’t have to cut it out (or mix other foods in to try and get it out).

  7. Just in case she gets hungry later?

    I once got gum stuck in my hair. oooh, my Mom was pissed. She used peanut butter. ugh.

    Glad it came out though.

  8. Gross.

  9. Ewww! I bet that was fun to remove!

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