Lifestyles of the Weaned and Famous

All before her second birthday.

The headline should read: WEANED


  1. Wow! Congrats!

  2. What paper is this in?? I want to read it.

  3. Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. That’s awesome! Is there a link to the story somewhere or can you tell us where to find it?

  5. Yes, what paper? I need a copy.

  6. You are too cool. And pretty!

  7. First of all, would you look at how GORGEOUS you are in that photo! You’re all long hair and decolletage, you foxy Mama!

    Secondly, isn’t that the Chicago Sun-Tribune? Dude! You’re both famous!

    Thirdly, Weaned? Congratulations! How are your boobs doing?

  8. this is way longer than the customary 15 minutes.

    nice picture of you, btw.

  9. Woohoooo! You’re famous! And I agree…a fabulous photo of you and your daughter, hot mama!

  10. But did Fizzle get the photo credit?

  11. hubbahubba!

  12. Queen of Spain says:

    AW MAN! The Photo Credit says “Scott Olson/Getty images” which I assume is for the Obama pics.

    Fizzle, sadly, did not get the credit.

  13. Congrats on the props, girl! 🙂 That’s awesome!

  14. No fair! You put this up without a link to the actual article! How can we read it? Details!!

  15. Queen of Spain says:

    Sorry, sorry. I just figured everyone was sick of it by now,CST-NWS-obama29.article

  16. YAAAAAAAAAY! Awesome! :oD

  17. That is a big deal…I’m 39 and I still chase after boobs. Poor Alexis can’t even walk around the house without a bra or I’m all over her:)

    Then again, that’s what I get for having such a hot, wonderful wife. Damn I’m lucky!

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