Pain in the Neck

It hurts.

I have many stories, including my roommate and her family’s fondness to use the word “pussy” while I lay next to her in shock.

I’m still in too much pain and too groggy to do much but say a quick hello. I got home late on Thursday after getting my calcium and magnesium levels stable and today I get to shower. I’m very, very excited, because I am one stanky bitch.


Thanks for all the happy thoughts.


  1. I guess they’ll be no ‘necking’ for you for a while…

    Glad you are home and getting better.

  2. As in, “Toughen up, don’t be a pussy.” Or as in something a bit more crude?

    Enjoy the shower and the quiet of your own bedroom. Glad you get to keep the pool boy after all.

    (hey, your flickr badge is flicking the photo of your necklace and then the photo of your bandaged neck: interesting before & after.)

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    As in “the done gone and tore up yo mamma’s pussy real bad” and “some one get her something for pain, ’cause they done tore up her pussy bad.

    I wish I were kidding.

  4. Oh come on, Queenie. I’ve heard — no wait — I’ve read you use the word pussy before….or was it snatch? Or shave the beav?

    Kidding, sweetie. That was a lot of raunchy use of the cat word.

    I hope you start to feeling better soon. I cannot imagine the procedure you went through, but it looks like it was not easy.

    Rest up, honey! We miss our bold and powerful Queen. 🙂

  5. Glad you’re home. Feel better soon. And enjoy that shower!

  6. Ouch. That doesn’t look comfortable. But at least it’s more comfortable to be home than to be in a room with people who won’t shut up.

    Enjoy the shower, and get some rest. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Glad to hear you are recouperating well Queen. Let me know if you need any extra political snark and I’ll throw some your way.

    Get Well Soon. 🙂

  8. Wait…YOU were in shock? Of the word pussy? The world MUST be ending!

    Your neck looks super sexy…you’ll have it chewed on again in no time. Get better soon! 🙂

  9. I know your roommate’s families’ fine vocabularly and usage of the English language is horrfying, but I can’t stop laughing as I think about you lying there while that happened.

    Did you get to bring the jar of thyroid home? (I know that technically is “medical waste,” which is sad because it is your body part, and that makes the answer likely to be no, but I thought I’d be optimistic/creepy and ask anyway.)

    Feel better soon, my dear.

  10. Queen of Spain says:

    I was lying there and the Kaiser was in the room. And all we could do was stare at eachother and try not to laugh or say anything. It was hilarious.

    See now, I use that word, but only for EMPHASIS (hahahaha) and I”m just not used to it being busted out as part or normal, everyday vocab.

    For instance…when describing to family over the phone how your proceedure went do you say a)they used a camera through my vagina to look at my bladder and kidneys OR b)they stuck some shitty camera up my pussy and looked at all my shitt

    you get the idea

  11. I hate it when they stick a shitty camera up my pussy.
    It’s just like the sex toy rule, if it goes in the ass – it has to get washed before it goes in the pussy.
    You’d think a hospital would KNOW this stuff.

    I bet she had an itchy pussy too.
    (I’ve been so blessed, I’ve never had to share a hospital room……knock knock knock on wood)

    Cookies are in transit…….I weep for them, I don’t know if they will make it. Marthat Stewart says they will not.

  12. I’m so glad you seem to be doing well. Take it easy, and if you have any questions, please email me. Have you gotten to take the bandage off yet? The first time I took it off, I had to totally psyche myself up. I was terrified my head would fall off or soemthing. It didn’t, and the incision wasn’t so bad. Have a great shower. What was the funniest to me is that the only other surgery I had as an adult up to my thyroid being taken out was c-sections. When I stood up to go to the bathroom at the hospital, I was in shcok that it was so easy to bounce out of bed.

  13. Sorry, maybe I should have spell checked that whole thing. I was just so excited to see photos to prove that you are ok!

  14. canoe chick says:

    Welcome back Your Majesty!
    I am sure the Kaiser will be covering that scar with hickies in no time! How could you not laugh at gratuitous use of the word pussy?? Especially with the laugh-a-minute Kaiser in the room too? Oh, what self control…

  15. Glad your fully recovered.

  16. Have fun with your scar. Tell people that a mountain lion grabbed your throat and that Kaiser valiantly beat it off. (Once the lion climaxed he scampered off into the woods, lol)

    Feel better soon!

  17. I am just so sorry you had to have a roommate. Gross.

  18. they stuck some shitty camera up my pussy and looked at all my shitt

    Seriously, I have a military friend who would say it JUST like that. I can hear her saying it right now, while chugging a beer. And smoking a cigarette. (Of course, now I’m curious to know just what they found with that shitty camera.)

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