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It’s come to my attention people actually live here. Like, year-round. NOT just in the summer. I have so many…do your kids get bundled up like this daily? How do you strap them in car seats? Do you let them play OUTSIDE in these ICE AGE elements? Do kids die of exposure? How many coats do you own? What do you do when the one pair of gloves get wet? Are they allowed to have hot chocolate and marshmallows every single day?
Send warm clothes, please. And many recipes for hot, alcoholic, drinks.


Cold kisses


  1. Yup, welcome to Winter Wonderland! It’s supposed to get to 7 tonight; snuggle alert!

    Every day with the snow pants, big coat, hat, mittens, scarf, and warm boots. When one set of mittens gets wet, you just bring out one of the other pairs (we always have multiples in case of wetness or an errant stray). Everything sits by the heat register overnight so it’s nice and toasty on the way to school in the morning.

    Write directly and I can point you to some fun spots, if you need ideas.

  2. You KNOW what I’ll say.

    I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with….uh…wtf DOES pussy rhyme with?


  3. Um, OK, I think I can answer these questions:

    – Yes, she really does.
    – Loosen the straps, buckle them in, then pull tight for a snug fit.
    – Not really, only if there’s new snow. Otherwise, we keep to indoor play areas. She’s going to need a seasonal affective disorder lamp before she’s 5.
    – No, they don’t die, unless they have evil parents who do it on purpose.
    – Three coats for Cordy – a lightweight spring coat, a fleece coat for chilly days, and a parka for the really cold days.
    – If the gloves get too wet, time to come inside until they’re dry.
    – In the upper midwest, hot chocolate with marshmallows is considered a part of the dairy food group, therefore can be had every day.

    Add a shot of Godiva liquor to your hot chocolate.

  4. I have so many…do your kids get bundled up like this daily?
    Yes. To just ‘go out’ like grocery shopping: coat, hat, mittens. To go out to play: snowpants, coat, hat, mittens, scarf, and boots.

    How do you strap them in car seats?
    as Christina does.

    Do you let them play OUTSIDE in these ICE AGE elements?
    My personal ‘too cold’ is below 0. Otherwise they’re out if they want.

    Do kids die of exposure?
    Not on purpose.

    How many coats do you own?
    Me? Personally somewhere around 8. Super-duper heavy to a light jacket.
    The kids? Heavy coat, mid-weight coat, spring coat.

    What do you do when the one pair of gloves get wet?
    Take them off and put on another pair. Put the wet pair in the dryer (if they’re not dirty too).

    Are they allowed to have hot chocolate and marshmallows every single day?
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime snack.

    The key is to get every child as self sufficient as possible as early as possible. For instance, my two year old knows to put her snowpants on before her boots. I just monitor the outdoor dressing situation, for the most part.


  5. I had a friend from Phoenix asked me if it snowed a lot in Upstate NY. I was like “uh, yeah. We get these things called blizzards”. And you’ll be shocked to learn that children do survive. And yes there is hot chocolate and marshmallows every. single. day. It’s awesome.

    But a little Bailey’s mint in to your hot chocolate, that might help.

  6. kahlua (sp) & hot chocolate. MMM tasty.
    And you need a face-scarf, especially if it’s windy.

  7. Up in Denmark, they actually send the kiddies outside to play every day for a few hours. Someone explained to me that you can always put on another coat, or something along those lines. I kind of like that.

  8. I am jealous of people who live where you don’t have to worry about having a million pairs of mittens for everyone! It’s freezing cold here, and I hate it!

  9. We only bundle up when we go outside. Since I’m a SAHM, we can go for days without stepping outside, away from our toasty fireplace. I tend to warm up the car first and put a light, polar fleece jacket on my son along with a hat so that he’s safely secured to his carseat without the bulk. If it’s 30 degrees or below, we tend not to play outside. We have thousands of coats. 😉 We also have thousands of gloves/mittens due to the need for more when we lose them or if they get wet. Hot chocolate and marshmellows everyday…nah. Breastmilk from the original source will do for my son. 😉

    Enjoy the winter wonderland!

  10. Can you see me waving to you from Lansing, which is about 100 miles away? Yep, all three kids own two heavy winter coats, and multiple pairs of mittens and hats. They wear snow boots every time they go outside, tennis shoes go in the backpacks to be worn indoors at school. The boys have outdoor recess unless the wind chill is BELOW ZERO! You do have to loosen up the carseat straps quite a bit to make room for the extra layers. And yes, we drink a LOT of hot chocolate, but at least it has calcium! Enjoy the rest of your stay in my lovely State!

  11. I don’t really feel competent to answer these questions since the coldest it gets where I am is in the 30’s, and that ended a while ago. Now it’s a lot warmer. I think you should totally let the kids have cocoa everyday (mostly because I would want to drink it too). As for hot alcoholic drinks, the only one I know is the good old hot toddy. You could also add Bailey’s to pretty much any hot drink. Can’t wait to here for the next installment of your adventures.

  12. Wow, that is cold! But the hats are cute!

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