Its the Great Tampon Charlie Brown!

My kids love Charlie Brown. My daughter says “Oh Good Grief” all the time and my son thinks every dog should look and act like Snoopy.

I love it. Finally some shows I can watch with them that give me the warm fuzzies about my own childhood.

Today while watching the Valentine tivo’d Peanuts…Count Waffles amused himself by going through my backpack. Normally I’d stop him, but I knew there wasn’t much in there as I have FINALLY finished unpacking from our recent trip.

Of course he finds the pens and the airline ticket stubs. He also finds my pads and tampons. Oh boy. Here we go.

I’m half paying attention as I surf blogs and second life, and don’t realize he’s taken a tampon out of the wrapper and is studying it. Oh boy.

Mommy, is this a shooter blaster?

Um…not, not exactly.

But look, it shoots out…see?

Yes it does, but that is for girls. Girls use it when they have blood, remember?

Oh, but why?

Well, so I don’t get messy.

But PigPen likes being messy.

Yes, PigPen does like being messy.

So I can play with this, like a shooter blaster, then you don’t need it and can be messy like PigPen.

Well, I don’t want to be messy like PigPen, and those are not toys.

Fine, but Charlie Brown would play with it. He would use it as a shooter blaster and give it to pig pen with the blood.

No, honey, really…these are not toys and lets not talk about them being bloody.

Well, that girl wouldn’t kiss them. She doesn’t like dog lips with Snoopy or blood lips. Did you know she didn’t like blood lips.

Oh my God…this conversation is getting out of hand.

Its not in my hand Mommy, it goes in your pees.

Ok. Stop.

Well I don’t want it play with it, it won’t go back in.

Ok. Just give it me, and don’t play with these anymore, ok?

Maybe I”ll just use the pillow diapers instead.

No. No. No…, have a sucker.

Sigh. Did I mention he’s 4 on Saturday? 4 and playing with tampons. What a life.


  1. THAT makes me laugh.
    Out loud.

  2. Um…Dawson thinks that tampons are fruit snacks or suckers. He’s only found them a couple times, but it’s awful when he pulls it out of my purse in the store and yells, “Fruit snacks?”

  3. ROFLMAO. That is toooooo funny. Thankfully none of mine have found them yet, so I’ve no need to explain yet. WHEW!

  4. That was probably one of the most hilarious surreal conversations I have had the pleasure of reading and not participating in ever. Thanks for sharing.

  5. My almost 4 year old son thinks tampons are actually named “notatoy” If he finds one – he says “here mummy – notatoy”

    Your mostly 4yo is not alone. 🙂


  6. One time, many years ago, my son took every single pad I owned and made “paper airplanes” with them and stuck them all over the cabinets to make them look like they were flying. The tampons? Well, those were the missles that the airplanes carried. He shot them all over the bathroom before I walked in and saw his creation. Fun times. I guess that is one plus from having the hysterectomy last summer.

  7. I have a friend with an entertaining story about her son finding her vibrator and took it into the living room where his grandfather was sitting to ask what it was for. My friend told her son it was a grown up toy. My friend’s father quickly left the house and this was never mentioned again. I can’t wait for her son to grow up and realize what he was holding.

  8. now THAT is funny!

    I have a friend who took it upon herslef one time to make her mom a set of Christmas tree ornaments with an entire box of tampons. She pulled them all out, fluffed them up, and then applied copious amounts of glue and sparkles, and LOOK! Perfect! They have a hand dandy string for tying hanging them on the tree!

    She was SOOOO upset when her mom didn’t put them up!

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