Caption Contest

Let me get the ball rolling:

“Why Yes, Erin…I AM getting ass fucked by Satan RIGHT NOW!”


…sure, I wish his family my sympathies…but I hope if there is any justice in this world Jerry Falwell is rotting in hell. Right. This. Very. Second.


  1. “you can assfuck me all you want in hell. Please make sure the dildo is about this long and that it has a vibrate mode”

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    and yes, asshats…I REALIZE this is totally in poor taste…but a tasteless man deserves a tasteless send off.

  3. I once sucked a dick THIS big…

  4. “I swear man.. the joint was THIS big and McCain and I smoked it all ourselves. Anyone got a twinkie?”

  5. Who?

    I am so Canadian.

  6. “Larry’s Flint’s dick was THIS big and I took the WHOLE thing!”

    Okay I’m being an jerk.

    Jerry Falwell, you were an asshat on a good day. But ummm, I try not to mock when people die except like Hitler or Hussein….(and I TOTALLY Saw Hussein at the Ringling Museum the next week so that bastard isn’t dead).

    Point being, I’m sure someone misses him and is sad today.

    And that person isn’t necessarily a bad person for it.

    Rest in Peace. You old misguided madman.

  7. Superwoman says:

    Sure she was only 16, but I swear her ass was only this big, and she was SO hawt! Besides, her fake id said she was 18.

  8. Gays are the reason 9/11 happened

  9. ‘member that time you told everyone I was making kids gay, Larry? That was bullshit, dude, and you were a fucking psycho. Dipsy, Lala, Po and I hope Satan makes you bunk with Hitler, Mengele and Saddam.

    Tinky Winky

  10. Jon Pinion says:

    No doubt there is South Park-like-octopus-flinging vengeance required here. In the meantime, I always turn to NPR:

  11. so you spent the day receiving calls of jubilation from all your friends, too, huh?

  12. Im so glad he is dead.

  13. This world is a better, nicer place without that freaking fracker. I actually had a physical response when I saw the news!

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