My first playoff game EVER and we were late. LATE.

Not late like, “oh, we were just running a little late…” but late like “OH FUCK I CAN NOT HAVE ANOTHER BABY” late.

The shitty kind of late. The stuck in traffic for three hours kind of late that makes Queen and Kaiser lose all humor and nearly get divorced kind of late. The kind of late that can only be shown in photos:


Note the time on the clock-gametime was 6pm

1 block from the Pond and LOOK what stops us

Stuck in Traffic on the way to Game 3

Yes, I did nearly kill us twice as we made our way to Anaheim. At the time, it seemed worth it to get to my first Red Wing playoff game when the pucked dropped. Yes, we did get there in one piece and once we sat down enjoyed a fabulous game where my team beat the living SNOT out of those stupid ducks.

I heckled. I had decent beer. I made fun of all the goalies we pummeled. And I drove home without banging the steering wheel.

5-0 Wings. That helped.

Anyone want to buy me tickets for tomorrow nights game? I promise to get there on time. OR I can just be your date…whatever. I’ll totally put out.


  1. I bought tickets for tomorrow’s game. Don’t worry, you won’t have to put out. I’m nice like that.

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    Egan is a big, fat, liar. First of all…we all know he HAS no tickets. Second of all..he’s NOT nice, simply for teasing me with fake tickets.

    Egan…FOR SHAME.

  3. Correct, I’m lying and mean. I will make sure that never happens again. The look on your face in the bottom picture is quite terrifying.

  4. Queen of Spain says:

    I should have put up the little **** that said “serious inquiries only”

  5. Fine, no tickets for you! You’d get kicked out in the 1st period for heckling Giguere and the fans anyways.

  6. I’ll PLAY hockey with you tomorrow night, like on your street if you want. And I fully expect you to put out.

  7. oh! oh! forget the street!

    Tonsil Hockey.

  8. Sounds like a great game! Glad you got there in one piece!

  9. YEY! Glad you finally got there. and YEY they won 😀

  10. *sighetty sigh* I have no patience for most games I am afraid… I will leave the game watching to you then…

    As for making it there and your team kicking ass? WOOH!

  11. If you end up playing tonsil hockey with Karen like she suggested, maybe you should video tape that. I think Egan might like that. Although without giving you tickets, and teasing you in addition, maybe he wouldn’t deserve to get to see that.

  12. That would require me to cheat on my husband. As tempting as that face is up there, no dice.

  13. You have exactly three seconds to take back what you wrote about my Ducks. Failure to comply will result in me telling the entire internet that you have anal warts.

  14. Okay all i have to say is you are freakin hilarious! I am new to the blogging world and someone told me to check you out…and wow…you are awesome! Check me out sometime …not that i can compare 🙂 Great Blogs!

  15. Kissing me is cheating on your husband? Really?

    Fine then. Anyone else want to cheat? I’m here.

  16. Ah, trains. Our town has literally 30 of them go through a day. We are late for everything.

  17. Trains…don’t get me started on trains….My hubby works for a railroad and all I hear about are trains..As for the tickets, I would have loved to have a date for the game…never been to a hockey game…but it’s living in freaking Indiana that’s getting in the way!!!
    I hope that you found tickets!

  18. Wow, you were getting snarly there for a minute! Glad there was a happy ending.

  19. Aaaah … Southern California. The birthplace of poorly timed gridlock! I know it. All. Too. Well.

  20. Oh god, I love your new way to define “late”! Hilarious enough to make me spew beer onto my lap. Better there than on my laptop, right?

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