I left my sanity in San Franccssssisco

I’m in lovely San Jose after a FANTASTIC morning meeting with some amazing women.

Yes, my meeting was rescheduled to wipe out the tragedy that was yesterday. Yes, I had a few glasses of wine at the Fairmont in San Fran to wash away the SCUM that was American Airlines/Eagle. And YES, as I sit here now I wonder IF I will actually be ALLOWED to BOARD this flight. But before I spend a week campaigning against and protesting a major airline, let me first say this:

I love you all. Thank you for trying to entertain me last night. Thank you for the calls and IM’s and the emails. Everything worked out in the end, as most things do, and I can’t wait to announce a partnership that will bring the virtual world to it’s knees in July.

Stay tuned.


  1. I’m glad everything worked out in the end, even if AA sucks. Can’t wait to hear the exciting news.

  2. You bathe in wine? oo-la-la….aren’t we high and mighty? (ha ha)

    Glad that things panned out for you!

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Me again says:

    Apparently you left you spelling skills there, too. It’s San Francisco. And “its knees.” 🙂

  4. Sorry Me again, but she’s right. It’s “It’s knees” not “its knees”. Because the knees belong to the virtual world, “it” is possessive. Blogs are the best place in the world to correct grammar. It’s like….why they were created or some junk. Especially this one.

  5. Me again says:

    Thanks Kaiser. You are so right. 🙂

  6. Me again says:

    Uh… I mean you were right about the knees, not the grammar. Geez… Erin you usually have pretty decent grammar, which is why I poked a little fun. Don’t want to sound like a total jerk.

  7. Just being stupid Me, ignore me (the kaiser).

  8. Glad you had people around to keep you busy online. Hope you all have a good weekend!

  9. bwaaaa haaaa haaaaa.

    I really was resisting the urge to correct your grammar…but since it is already happening…..


    (right??? )

    it’s = it is

  10. I hate being out of the loop. I want to partner with the Queen. 😉

    Glad things worked out. Happy Memorial Day!

  11. Hi.

    First time visiting… I got here via Mammaloves blog.

    Sorry your airline experience was so bad… been there, done that.

    Hmm…. maybe I’ll blog about that tomorrow.



  12. It cracks me up that Erin announces some secret thing that we can’t know about yet, and what everyone is focusing on is the grammar. Seriously???? I am dying to know what the thing is that will bring it to it’s/its’ knees!

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