MySpace Thinks Breastfeeding is OBSCENE

So I’m moving the tit brigade to MySpace, of course.

Just so I have this right, the online spot notorious for underage girls hooking up with pedophiles (with their clothing-barely there in their profile photos) has an obscenity issue with breastfeeding. 16-year old in string bikini-fine. Mom feeding baby-OBSCENE. Hellloooo backwards.
Isn’t that a lovely message to send. My tits, feeding my kid, are sexual and offensive.

Well, MySpace corporate muckity-mucks. Meet my tits. They are functional, nonsexual parts of my body that feed my child. As you sit around your little conference table and discuss how best to handle the gazillion lawsuits on your agenda-you know, the ones where you did nothing to stop all the innocent children from being targeted by predators, etc…know that there are millions of mothers who want you to ahem use your brains.

By deleting breastfeeding images from your site, you are telling your community there is something WRONG with a mother giving milk. By deleting breastfeeding images from your site, you are telling the world this innocent act of nature is offensive and sexual.

As you work to rid your online space from predators, I encourage you to spend your energy and money fighting the RIGHT battle. I encourage you to leave, intact, the photos of beautiful breastfeeding mothers I have left as a challenge to you on my profile.

We are not obscene, and we certainly are not going to sit around and let you tell the world what we do is offensive.

Change your policy. Now. If you want to continue to change your image as the smut site for teens where dirty men go to masturbate-I suggest you support the natural acts of a women’s body by NOT labeling it as obscene. Promote the healthy tit here, you idiots.


-click to vote to promote this post on Sk*rt!

***Yes, I saw this post today, and I KNOW I’m being baited-let me just swallow that hook, mmmk? Suck it, blogger. I’m not here to change your mind, I’m here to protect my rights and my child’s right to eat. I’m here to make sure I can feed my child whenever and wherever I see fit. I don’t really give a shit who is comfortable or uncomfortable, if it’s a public place, too damn bad. Maybe you don’t get out much in Kent, Ohio…but allowing bigotry is NOT how we roll here in sunny California. So consider our nurse-ins and actual ACTION (in case you are confused, that’s different than just words posted where no dialog is allowed or difference is made) just a taste of my Mommyblogging, righteous indignation. I got plenty more where that came from-you see I actually back up my blather with deed.

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  1. I sk*rted it for you:

    Everyone get over there and bump it up. This is unacceptable.

  2. Preach it! Heading to skirt to vote!

  3. You go girl!!!

    I’ll be there (at MySpace) once I get home since work’s blocked it.

    Off to vote now!

  4. Speaking for the boys, you have our full support.

  5. VA is toxic. I voted for your post at SK*RT.
    I’m already on myspace….look me up. I should be easy to find.

  6. Hooray! I’m glad you’re taking on this topic.

  7. BREASTFEEDERS UNITE!!! I’m with you queen. It is a beautifull thing.. and if people dont like it…………………… LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!!

  8. I’m so glad the nursing mom community has you as it’s official spokeswoman.

    And for a second I thought my boob was gonna be on myspace but then I remembered I couldn’t find a nursing pic.

    And I’m confused more than ever. Is VA a man or a woman? I never can tell.

  9. You so completely ROCK!

    Good luck with your Myspace quest!!

  10. Rock on! You tell them what’s what!

  11. Good for you! You have my vote.

  12. You’ve got my vote too!!!!

  13. I signed the petition. People have got to be really messed up to consider breastfeeding obscene.

  14. Just when I think I can’t get any more infuriated about this breastfeeding “scandal”! Way to post them all on MySpace. I can’t believe those idiots. And VA. Grrrrr. Keep fighting the good fight. I’ve got your back.

  15. Way to go Queen! You best be winning this battle!

  16. You have my unequivocal support. What’s obscene is the teen aged girls in pasties on myspace blogs and not breastfeeding moms. I also blogged in support of breastfeeding here

  17. Makes me want to delete my myspace acct.

    I sk*rted and signed the petition. This is just ridiculous.

  18. Ibod Catooga says:

    I want to be breastfed. Where do I sign up?

  19. Myspace sucks anyway…I thought it was just for kids and pedophiles.

  20. Marybeth says:

    You go Queen!!!

    Fuck those myspace bastards.

  21. Keep it up, hun.
    People who are uncomfortable about breastfeeding reveal more about themselves and their neuroses than about the act – perhaps THEY are the ones who should be banned from public places.
    You may as well say that scratching my knee in public is obscene.

  22. VERY good point about VA. That site is so incredibly lame, and you’re right–isn’t it easy to just type up a storm from the insulated comfort of Kent, Ohio, knowing you’ll never have to answer for anything you write, because you don’t allow any sort of feedback. Lovely. I much prefer YOUR kind of “mouthing off,” because you both encourage public discourse AND back up your words with actions.

  23. I voted and signed the petition!
    You go girl!

  24. that kid looks like it is old enough to have teeth.. dont be cheap and feed it some real food! that is what teeth are for. time to put the nipple away!

  25. Jenny Neumann says:

    I was upset when I heard about what Myspace thinks about breastfeeding. I love my baby so much that I decided I would set aside some of my wants to give him the best start possible. We have a remarkable bond. Breastfeeding is all I talk about now, and I encourage all my friends to make that choice. There is enough criticism about nursing in this world confronting loving mothers every day! I deal with constant berating from my parents, siblings, strangers even. Myspace is supposed to be a place where you can be yourself, and breastfeeding is a huge part of many womens’ lives! It is a beautiful thing! We should be encouraging it, not treating it as though it were wrong, or disgusting. Breastfeeding is beautiful and everyone should know it!

  26. Tom Terrific says:

    I agree with Jay. People who are uncomfortable with breastfeeding are the ones with the problem.

    People who insist on sexualizing non-sexual things are creating the very problem they’re squawking about. I don’t know why people in this country are so terrified of sex (and a number of other things), but I’m more than sick of it.

  27. Because of the way I feel, I will be starting a petition of my own to go against your own. It is my sworn duty to take you guys down. You are all very sick people. Breastfeeding your kids is not something to be proud of. It’s somethng to be ashamed of, and myspace has every right to take down such obscene photos, as does facebook. You can all say I’m wrong, but what you guys say is dead wrong. Nothng you say can change the fact that you’re all idiots. BFing is very unnatural, and that photo is gross, and should be taken down immediateley.

    May you all lose this petition, have horrible luck with it, and burn in hell.

  28. I completely agree with Nina. BTW, there is NO GOD, so don’t go around saying shit like “god gave us these” crap. You guys are called “breastfeeding nazis” for a reason, you know. You’re like a mob, and do what everyone else does, and say what everybody else says. All of what you say are generic, but all your opinions of BFing are way off the mark. Get a life losers.

  29. Nina & Allison- Examples of what happens when babies are douche-fed.

  30. Umm, you *do* realize that you’re leaving backward, ignorant comments on a post that’s older than my toddler? Talk about getting a life…

    xoxo, breastfeeding nazi # 1,394,484,493

  31. ok, the anger against breastfeeding is so out of control. it worries me think that with all the awful things out there in the world THIS would be the place where people like Nina and Allison would land their hate (anti)mother-ships and decide to dock.

    um, people, you need some serious therapy.

    i fed my babies many moons ago. wherever the hell i pleased. for one reason and one reason only…

    they were hungry.

  32. For the love of God, trolling this post is ridiculous. Why can’t we all just agree that babies need to be fed, and bottle or breast, they’re not being malnourished? Breastfeeding is natural… has been for thousands of years. It doesn’t work for every woman, for medical reasons or otherwise, so formula works for them. I must say, some “Boob Nazis” made my life miserable when I finally had to give up pumping when my milk supply dried up, regardless of the fenugreek and power pumping sessions I tried. (My son was never able to latch, so I pumped for six weeks.) There are extremists on both sides who feel the need to belittle and denegrate the people on the other side of the feeding fence – why can’t everyone just give it up and be happy we’re taking care of our kids? The world is insane.

  33. Does anyone even use MySpace anymore? lol go away Allison and Nina. Feel free to #suckit 😀

  34. Um, Nina is INSANE. It’s almost hilarious. Whether you believe in science or God, women’s bodies were clearly made to nurse. The only thing unnatural here is that someone so unintelligent figured out how to use a computer.

  35. BTW, I don’t think formula feeding is wrong. I just think Nina is nuts.

  36. You guys are the ones who don’t know how to use computers properly. You’re social rejects.

  37. Is this a hobby for people who don’t have anything better to do? It must be, since what Nina’s saying is so obviously off the mark (even bottle feeders would agree that breastfeeding is ‘natural,’ seeing that it’s was essentially the sole method of providing nourishment to babies for millenia), that she’s clearly got nothing better to do than make shit up.

  38. Um, just fyi, that wasn’t me above, that is probably Nina. You can delete that Queen, since it’s clearly not me.

    Isn’t it funny to have someone claim to not be insane while spewing death threats and hate? I mean, you want someone to DIE? For real? Then you say you are being picked on? I also love it when people prove my point.

    All die slowly and painfully . . . hmm . . . yeah. Wow.

  39. I mean lucie btw
    Weird typo

  40. @Amanda, I’m no where near off the mark, you might be, but I’m not. I have much better things to do with my time, but I need to do this. BTW, I’m not “making shit up” that’s what you’re doing. You’re the one with too much free time on your hands, or perhaps you use that time to act like a complete bitch, because you are one, btw.

  41. In response to breast feeding on Myspace thing,well my only comment is WHERE IN THE H#!L ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO FEED ! There other options include a bottle that MIGHT NOT be giving off toxins, filled with formula that MIGHT NOT have poison in it. Hmm… I don’t know maybe Myspace supports ads that sells products from these companies.

  42. Just so you all know, all comments asking for death or murders are being forwarded to authorities and deleted from this blog. We don’t tolerate threats around here.

  43. You actually took that as a dealth threat ! I thought I was making a back handed point that with all the toxins in our households maybe breast feeding was the smart choice ! Not to mention the natural one !

  44. not really a smart or “natural” choice. There’s nothng “natural” about it.

  45. no Roadside, there were comments that have been deleted and forwarded to authorities. Those comments do not remain.

  46. You might think I’m getting in trouble for this, but In reality, I’m not.

  47. wait, you didn’t call the police, did you? Please tell me you didn’t. I would never actually try something like that, honest.

  48. To be fair, it’s Myspace’s site and they can make up any rules they want. If YOU don’t like it “queen” then make your own site and post all the breastfeeding photos you want there.

    You claim you’re not here to change minds and are just protecting your rights and the child’s right to eat. You do know that Myspace isn’t trying to stop you from breastfeeding right? They just have rules on what kind of photos they post. Nobody is telling you that you can’t breastfeed. Honestly if you are that upset with Myspace then leave.

    You act like a child with your comments and then expect to be taken seriously? Grow up.


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