:17 in. Just ignore the mess.


  1. QueenWench Tammas says:

    Too freakin’ cute! :oD

  2. I love it! Doug thinks Hala rocks!

  3. Oh, my. Too funny!

  4. You are my hero.

  5. I’m sure she learned that all on her own!

  6. Nice tunes.

  7. Did she just sing
    Smooooooooke Marijuana,
    Fire up, get high! ?

    Oh wait….that was what WE sang in Jr High;)

  8. So…I just watched it 15 times!!! My 2 1/2 year old kept saying…”again mom, again”. Love your kid but … 8 – )

  9. She’s ready for the band.

  10. I love that kid of yours.

    (Also that boy hiding in the couch, too. I keep remembering when he told me about the roses in your yard. TOO cute.)

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