I’m a Busy Bee…

I tend to keep busy. Sort of. I’m a very good at uberlaziness and total chaos deadline insanity. The end results are usually amazing and my “little” projects tend to keep me nice and sane while two preschoolers run around me throwing Cheerios and reciting Spongebob jokes.

That being said I’ll be involved in a new project launching over at blogher.com next month, and I’ve been very busy helping out my friend Andrew at Photrade.com. I have to tell you guys…I love the site and the idea behind it, not to mention I puffy heart Andrew and Krista and really want them to succeed.

I’ve got three invites to be part of the beta Photrade.com site and will happily give them to the first three bloggers asking in my comments!

***updated*** keep asking in the comments if you want one…you never know what sort of miracles I can pull off. 😉 No promises…but….maybe…

Welcome Photrade!


  1. Okay, I’m in…

  2. me too!!! Please?

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    Hang on kids…might have two more left…shash may already have an account….maybe…we’ll see…keep commenting and I”ll keep checking….

  4. Me, three?!

  5. Me FOUR! ME FOUR!!!!

  6. Me five?? LOL.

    Ah, life story.

    Anywho, Glad you are having sooooo much fun!

  7. oh just in case, I’ll ask too. Please Dear Queen of Ours????

  8. Well, just in case you get more…I’d like one. 🙂

    Looks neat!

  9. If you get more, i wouldn’t mind an invite. Thanks!

  10. Bummer, I’m too late, but I’d love to be added too!!

  11. Mine? Mine? (I’m channeling the dumb seagulls from Finding Nemo.)

    I met the Photrade guy at BlogHer, and I loved the idea, too. Any way I can get in?

  12. Well, crap. I’m probably far too late to this game, but I would LOVE to have an invite. I’m a photographer and have been looking for something like this…

  13. If anyone can pull of a miracle, the Queen can. I’m in if you find more invites.

    Now I’m off to catch up with you…

  14. I think it has huge potential.
    Goodbye(for me) Flickr, photobucket, imageshack shack shack.

    My badge —> http://www.photrade.com/thumbs/badges/367.jpg

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