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I’m having a birthday soon. Let’s just say I’ll be turning an age that rhymes with dirty pee.

While I love all the conferences we attend and the speakers and sessions and swag and booths and pitches …I’d just like to hang out with everyone. Everyone meaning YOU…my blogamigos, my twits, my second lifers, my facebookers (cough bastards cough), my photraders, my utter-erz, my social media-ers, my friends, my community.

So I say…let’s have one event for US. One event where we can meet up and just hang out. Crash on my couch or get hotel rooms in another city. Set up tents for all I care. My only requirements are friends and fun.

December 7th-10th *micropoll is enabled but has been disappearing off and on*


  1. woohoo! so fun! i’m totally there. 🙂

    oh, crap, wait. shit. i have to perform on december 7, and i have a holiday party on december 8. you have to do it up here so i can hang out with you when i’m not otherwise occupied! 🙁

  2. Queen of Spain says:

    That’s more a date RANGE than a set date. I say come one day, come all days, come a half a day….we’ll make it work dammit!

  3. Cincinnati? Is there anywhere less wild birthday party friendly? They even spell their “sin” with a “cin.”

  4. Orlando, because I’ll be there then! 😉

  5. Sounds like fun. Of course, I have no idea how I will pay for it…but I suppose that is what credit cards are for.

  6. If I really thought I could get away with, “Sorry kids – no Christmas presents this year – I’m hanging with the Queen,” I would soooooooooo be there.

    Would that be bad? Hmmmmm

  7. 33?? Really? Such a youngster! I guess the young children should be a give away!

    No.Cal means I don’t have worry about when the shpouse gets back from Europe.

    SoCal and Vegas are a close flight and I’ve got air miles!

  8. I’m for Orlando too, but I can make martinis anywhere there is liquor to be purchased. Wherever you decide, I’ll be there!


  9. Does anyone know about that little state SOUTH of the equator known as TEXAS?


  10. LOL..Yeah, it’s right near that other invisible state, Alabama! 😉

  11. Queen of Spain says:

    you know, maria niles had suggested a touring tiara tour….I would come to texas and alabama!

  12. Par-tay!

  13. Funk. I won’t even be able to make it unless it’s a 2-day weekend trip. I doubt the huz will allow it with Christmas so close. Unless you have a couch I can crash on.

    But Doug would probably kill me if I left him with Dawson for two days.

  14. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I committed to visiting my family in Chicago on those dates. Bah.

  15. In my dream, I felt like it was Vegas. Because you had all these banners that were everywhere, and they felt like the hallways interconnecting the hotels on the strip.

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