I Hate Winter

And preschool germs

And cold weather

And kleenex

And cool mist humidifiers

And vics

And inhalers

And prescriptions

And popcicles

And night sweats

And a sick Mom and sick kid and trying to take care of him and me while we both lay in bed

And everything else…

Fuck Winter


  1. *HUGS*

    I wish I lived closer so I could come and help you both 🙁 There is nothing worse than being sick and having sick little ones at the same time 🙁


  2. This is me, showing up at your doorstep … with soup.

    Okay, so it’s alcohol, not soup … but both are very healing!

  3. Highs in the low 70’s isn’t cold weather, even if it does drop to 45 overnight.

  4. So sorry. I feel your annoyance. Both girls have been sick since the fever on Thanksgiving when we had a house full of people (which just made it more fun) and now the little one has a horrible ear infection and the big one’s nose won’t stop running and bleeding. Joy.

  5. Loud and clear… heading to bed as soon as I finish typing this.

  6. It sucks. Feel better. 🙂

  7. I’m with Christine. I’ve come down with a cold in the past 36 hours and I am self medicating with alcohol tonight, figuring that it kills germs. I wouldn’t recommend any for Count Waffles though (although you could make a nice syrup for waffles mixing in some Triple Sec with maple syrup!)

  8. You forgot febrile seizures and vomit aspirating to the lungs.

    Just wanted you to have a complete list and all.

  9. I just watched your YouTube video and heard the little ones coughing, poor babies! Hope everyone is on the mend!!!!!

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