Cause for Celebration

I may throw a party, I’m not kidding. We went from this:

To this: (with the most memorable portion of her ordeal being an oatmeal bath)


  1. Yay!!!! Man her voice is like candy – I just adore her.
    Glad she’s better! xo

  2. I wanna SQUEEZE her! So adorable!!!

  3. OMG is that kid adorable or what? Itchies go bye bye. Congrats on surviving her chicken pox!

  4. fuck off, itchies!

    if you get video of her saying THAT, i’ll buy you that damned castle myself. 😉

  5. WOW. She is talking SO well. It was what, 4 months ago that I saw her? Crazy.

    I am so glad the itchies are gone.

  6. Wow… she’s a doll. You must be one proud mama!

  7. Oh, oh, oh … I’m so glad the oatmeal bath worked. I LOVE her sweet voice. “Itchies go bye bye” indeed. 🙂


  8. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh – can I say that without getting sued? I’m just so happy to hear that the itchies goed buh-bye. Hee heeeeeeeeeeeeee! You know, I’ve never heard her speak before – just sing. She’s ADORABLE! GHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (something my college friends & I would say when faced with inexpressable adorability)

    Was it really chicken pox?

  9. Oh – and – how DID the Kaiser’s sock get in the tub? Was it on his foot at the time? Ha ha ha! I love the discussion about how “we wouldn’t want to eat that.” We talk about stuff like that all the time around here, too.

  10. How cute. She looks about the age of my son, he is 3. I just added you on Twitter and came to check out your blog too. 🙂

  11. Sooo Yummy!

  12. I love when the itchies go buh-bye!

    My oh my, how I remember those days of watching them put it all together. What a treat! thanks.

  13. She is adorable! I’m so glad she is feeling better!

  14. Oh! I’ve been trying to find a local case of chicken pox to give to my son.

  15. I’m so glad she’s feeling better! She has such a cute little-girl voice. I love it!

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