My ooVoo Day with YOU-for a good cause

I want everyone to click this highlighted text and find me on the list -then sign up to chat with me on Friday, February 15th. Why? Because just by chatting with me (which is fun, admit it) you get to help me raise money for The Frozen Pea Fund. And COME ON, you know I will entertain you like crazy in a web-chat.Here’s who is participating:

Chat with as many as you like-but make sure you make an appointment with me-come on, you know you want too. I’ll even take requests like say, um….costumes? no no how about…a Queen rant? Live?

Sign up!


  1. What a great idea!! Of course this has to happen on my first day going back to work!!! But I will see what I can do!!!

  2. I just went to sign up for a time but it says I need a web cam and headset 🙁 And right now my camera and speakers don’t work 🙁 So Instead tomorrow I will post about this event and hopefully be able to get more peeps to chat it up with you.

  3. I didn’t realize I had to d’load something…my compy is SUPER unstable (Vista…grrr…). So I will see if I can get it loaded and working on our desktop, and I will sign up!

  4. Thanks I needed that one.Great stuff!! All working wonderfully


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