Twitter Rocks-the Mix Tape*

This little labor of love began on a whim-as do most things I do, and turned into a fun twitter exercise.

I tweeted about needing some music, because I was just installing Itunes on my new Dell, and viola-a mix was born. My apologies to those who did not get their song suggestions included, once I asked, the @’s started coming quickly and I missed a few. Next time?

Without further ado, I give you Twiter Rocks! Available on Itunes.

Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, The Temptations- from Lars30, aka Larry, and since I was begging for suggestions this works. It also works because I LOOOOOVE me some Motown.
My War, Black Flag- from Maria Niles and really why aren’t you following her on twitter already?
Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters-also from Maria because well-she answered first and loudest and who can resist some Foo
Short Skirt/Long Jacket, Cake-the first suggestion by Aaron, aka technosailor who sucks at bowling, but he gets my extra puffy heart love for writing a great piece on Obama.
Jump, Jive an’ Wail, The Brian Setzer Orchestra-from Suebob who did suggest the Louis Prima version and I dropped the ball. However she does look sexy hot in her latest blog post (sue, not louis tee hee)
Town Called Malice, The Jam-from SoCalMom who I will see tonight. Maybe we’ll have a sing-a-long
I See You Baby, Groove Armada & Gram’Ma Funk -from ArsePoetica who if you are not reading, you’re an idiot-THAT is how strongly I feel about her!
I Love Rock ‘N Roll, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-from Michelle I just learned is having a BOY-congrats!
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), The Proclaimers-from Adele, have you seen her monsters? Go ask.
Sem Contençào, Bebel Gilberto-thank goodness Aresepoetica put something a bit ‘new’ to me in this list!
Kittens, Underworld-again, more Arsepoetica because much like Maria she came at me fast and furious with the suggestions
Southern Sun, Oakenfold-from babyspot-new twitter follower who joined the fun
Walking On Sunshine, Katrina & The Waves-and don’t it feel good? Thanks Maria and Victoria
Lips Like Sugar, Echo & The Bunnymen-from Arsepoetica who’s insight makes me feel more sane.
Buddy Holly, Weezer-from Michelle, did you know she *also* has a Mommyblog?
Virtual Insanity, Jamiroquai-Michelle again, but this one seemed a must.
Bullet the Blue Sky, U2-I admit this is one of my favorite songs of all time and would make my top 10 list. Glad the Diva suggested some U2
You Get What You Give, New Radicals-did I mention @MariaNiles used to work in the music industry?
Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Michael Jackson- this one got our whole house up and dancing. I wish Mr. Jackson still made music like this, and wasn’t such a freak. From rockstar and PR killer Citymama
Let’s Get It Started, Black Eyed Peas-from Tojosan via DebRoby -nice teamwork kids
Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen-what? Maria loves him and I love Maria so it all works out
Dancing Queen, ABBA-I am disturbed at the number of you who suggested this song. Kimblahg, Kristy I’m looking in your direction.
September, Earth, Wind & Fire-another CityMama pick, the girl has damn fine taste in fun music
Don’t Stop Believin‘, Journey-because how can you not sing BORN AND RAISED IN SOUTH DEEETROOOOIT? Another Arsepoetica suggestion
Poison, Bell Biv DeVoe-they taught us never to trust a big butt and a smile and thanks to Redjade and Michelle and we can sing it loud and proud
Midnight Train to Georgia, Gladys Knight & The Pips -from my favorite feminist writer Victoria
The Underdog, Spoon- from Jenorama, who just taught me all about cool tea
I Get Along Without You Very Well, Chet Baker- Jeremy, PR guru, sent this one over. He’s the kind of guy you want to kick in the nuts from time to time, but still love him because he keeps it real.
Stupid Girl, Garbage-from Redjade-who’s photos rule, you should really go check them out
Old Time Rock and Roll, (by Bob Seger) Stan Werner-from Deb Roby and yes, I realize I downloaded the TOTAL wrong version but I’m thinking it makes it more interesting-no?
Girls, Girls, Girls, Mötley Crüe-Brendajos fault, blame her.
Your Love, Midtown-a final suggestion that came from Aaron as ‘anything’ off the Punk Goes 80’s compilation so I got to pick. I think I did good. Plus I tried to hijack his blog talk show yesterday and since I like pestering him seemed only fair I let him have a few songs.

Thanks Everyone!

*typing ‘mix tape’ makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in an 8th grade kind of way. Wondering if the boy I like will touch my boob after he listens…


  1. F’in awesome. I already have a few of these tracks – will have to slowly add others from your mix when next I have the scratch. 🙂

    A lovely social media experiment, this.

  2. Oh my God, I am sending you, like, 60 jillion valentines right now! How awesome is this?? Beyond the great tunes, it’s a testament to how much folks dig the Queen! xoxo

  3. Agreed. Cool idea.

  4. “short skirt long jacket” is also the theme of the TV show “chuck”!

  5. Now this is one Twitter experiment that I’ve yet to see! Your mix looks awesome! Is this strictly your “cooking” music? lol Looks awesome and I love the variety! Great way to be introduced to new music.

  6. Kick me in the nuts?!

  7. well you missed mine… so I guess you’re just not cool enough for me anymore! 😉

    Seriously tho, nice list.

  8. Queen of Spain says:

    Sorry Geekmommy, your’s came in just as I finished-and I think Everyone should kick jeremy in the nuts every once in awhile just to keep him in check 😉

    oh-I do accept valentine’s.

  9. Truly genius experiment and outcome, and I’m not just saying that because of your kind, generous and copious linkage to moi. 😉

    I’ll give you a check when I see you next month for the awesome pimping.

  10. This is a great mix!!! Great job! And I am glad you did it thru twitter!!!

  11. Not only is this THE BEST MIX TAPE EVER, but you pimped my photos! The check is in the mail.

  12. I’ve been asking folks on Twitter for music lists – I really need some new inspiration for my marathon training runs! So this rocks and I will be downloading these to the ole’ iPod. I had a client that allowed you to share/listen to other’s music lists – a very cool idea but execution not quite there yet. In any event, glad I found you on Twitter and I’ll be reading regularly now!

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