And I For One Welcome Our Mommyblogging Overlords…

From ignored, to mocked, to rockstar, to target of backlash-this business of Mommyblogging is getting heated. Who’s consulting? Who’s getting free stuff? Who’s writing a book? Who’s on tv? Who’s just blogging and hoping someone notices but wants the free stuff and gigs? And are we all exploiting our kids in the process as the checks start to come in and the offers become more frequent?

My phone has been ringing, my email overwhelmed, and the time has come to try and spread the Queen Love. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and I want THEM to share their knowledge with YOU.

Don’t be fooled, all this does NOT just pertain to Mommybloggers. There are many of you blogging, creating businesses online, even developing some super amazing stuff that NEED to hear what all your posting, twittering, facebooking, ustreaming, and on and on and on MEANS or what it could mean.

Tonight, live on Stickam, I’m going to introduce you to Eric Litman, Managing Director of WashingtonVC. Why do we want to talk to Eric? He’s the guy with the money. He can tell us how to take our tiny online businesses to the next level. And we can bug him about what is making it big and what is fading into the background. I’m also guessing you might be able to sneak in a pitch or two.

Next up will be my friend Aaron Brazell, aka Technosailor. All that personal ‘branding’ stuff everyone is talking about? He can explain it, why it matters to our community, and tell you how to manage your own ‘brand’-the conversations he and I have are never boring, so don’t be surprised if we attempt to ‘out diva’ the other.

Finally Lee Stranahan is going to help transition us from yapping about social media business and into politics. He’s going to talk about how Senator Barack Obama’s ‘brand’ matters and discuss his 30-second video, which was one of over 1100 submitted.

Just as an added bonus-I’ve got FIVE super cute SanDisk Cruzer Gator 8GB Flash Drives to give away!!!! The nice folks over at SanDisk thought you’d give or get one of these for Mother’s Day-since women ARE the heaviest web users and all. I’ll announce details on how to win one during the show!

Sunday Night Live with Queen of Spain-7pm Pacific-be there! (register to chat with your cam or in text-you’ll need a headset or I’ll boot your feedback butt-you can just watch and listen from this post too)


  1. I was surprised that my wife, a mommy who’s only been blogging a few months, has had more hits than my blog–and I’ve been blogging for three years! 🙂

  2. That’s right when I’m starting to shuffle the kids into bed — is there a way to hear it later? I hope?

  3. Queen of Spain says:

    I’m going to try ‘camstudio’ tonight to record. Hopefully it works!

  4. I’d love to win!


  5. For my mom on mothers day, I bought her tickets to a night cruise in the San Francisco Bay…. it was a champagne cruise with my dad 🙂

  6. I’d love to win!

    Best mother’s day memory huh. For me, my best memory is when my wife received a mother’s day card from our granddaughters for the first time. Talk about tears and overwhelming emotion. Such a happy time in our lives.

    Thanks for asking.

  7. I made my mom a plaster-of-paris handprint for Mother’s Day on my first year of college. I was very advanced for my age.

  8. Sexy tech, I’d love to win!

  9. The best Mother’s day memory I’ve experienced so far is a simple one. It was when me, my mother, and my grandmother all just spent the day alone together simply talking and enjoying great food and discussing how our famiy has evolved over the three generations.

  10. Okay, hearing Erin in double here…so I’ll just say YES! I’d love to win!

  11. Of course I didn’t hear the whole request.

    My favorite mother’s day memory was when my children were 4 and 8 (so, oh, that’s a decade ago, geesh). I came home from a trip to find them and their dad waiting by the mailbox with a newly planted garden at their feet. They were so proud! I love being a mother.

  12. All of my Mother’s Day memories as a mom hae been good but this year is going to be MUCH different as I’m running in my 1st marathon. I’m doing it for myself and for my kids – showing them how to live healthy and hopefully I’ll be around a long time to enjoy their kids and stuff. It’s really important for me to show them to take time for themselves, set goals and work towards them. 🙂

  13. Mothers Day memories…Just last year we went to eat crabs at Mike’s on the water near Annapolis with my family, watching the sun go down, drinking beer and talking about everything and nothing. Those are my favorite times with both of my parents and my sister.

  14. Best mother’s day memory? The first time after having kids that I was able to sleep in, wake up with coffee and “homemade breakfast” from tiny little hands. But mostly… the sleeping in. 😉

    Loving watching this banter. Entertaining and educational. Of course, you had to compete with hockey and Dallas beating the Sharks, but I am still here! Mwah!

  15. Best mother’s day memory was in 2004, when I was pregnant with Cordy and we went out with my family for mother’s day, like we always do. My mom and my aunts gave me mother’s day cards, and it hit me that I was now a mother, too.

    I’d love to win the drive and/or the brightkite invite!

  16. Mothers day here are now more fun that I am a mom and an adult and I can share the feeling of momness with my mom.

    We go for a quiet brunch…together….and just be.

    Mom and mom

  17. My favorite mother’s day (in all three years of being a mom) was the year we just chilled. I only requested going out for ice cream and an upgrade on one of my online accounts. Both happened, and it was lovely.

  18. My favourite Mother’s Day Memory was 2005. I was pregnant with my 1st child and my mom and I did a “Mommy Marathon” together. A 5 K walk to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. We had a great time walking and talking together. It’s a day I’ll never forget.

    Visit me @

  19. I remember giving my mother a card i wrote in Chinese (i got my grandfather’s dictionary and chose the chinese calligraphics that i thought was correct) I gave my mother the card and she started laughing and handed it to my dad, who then spit out his dinner and laughed and choked. I had wanted to write “I love your beautiful face”, but what I ended up was this “I love your meat”

    Ophelia :O)

  20. Well, we found out we were expecting #1 on Mother’s Day, so that was great, but my favorite was last Mother’s Day. My eldest busted in first thing in the morning, and DRAGGED her Dad out of bed, so they could go get me a present, on Mother’s Day. She picked flowers and a balloon which “matched” because they were both purple. Very cute!

  21. *poof* I'm anonymous! says:

    I want to share this because not all Mother’s Day stories come from the land of milk, honey, or normalcy.

    My best mother’s day memory of my mother. We drove to her dealer’s house (in our cream and orange Pinto) to score a dimebag (I was 7) and she made a bet with him that I could name over ten slang terms for weed. I came up with twelve and we used the $20 to go to McDonalds.

    It was a great day.

  22. Last year’s Mother’s Day is especially vivid. my darling husband decided that night he would extract my then 4 and-a-half year-old’s first tooth. At first, we took turns wiggling it. fluffy was scared to death of the concept of teeth falling out. Every time one of us touched it she would scream.
    This continued for over and hour. my husband became very frustrated and hauled little Miss fluffy into the bathroom. I urged him not to get hasty with it but, my words went on deaf ears. I retreated to my office because I could face the carnage.
    He fought with her for what seemed like an eternity. He pulled it out with her watching in the mirror! Saliva mingled with blood was running down her face. It was not one of his shining moments. She settled quickly after realizing it didn’t hurt and there were not long term effects of tooth loss.
    that was until it was time for the tooth fairy. my daughter has a deeply rooted fear of loss (inherited from myself) so I got to spend the next hour playing good cop/bad cop -on my own- trying to convince her that she should not keep her tooth. Just as I thought I had her settled into for bed she freaked out once again.
    She didn’t want the Tooth Fairy to visit. What kid doesn’t want money under their pillow? The one who is still whirring in a frenzy from the earlier drama and is learning about stranger danger, that who.
    The saga ended with my promise to her that I would leave a note on her door. Said note would read ‘Tooth Fairy, Please see Fluffy’s mom before entering bedroom.’ Then I would escort
    the money-bearing stranger into the bedroom and supervise the tooth/dollar exchange. Talk about mental exhaustion.
    She sacked out for the night within minutes of our agreement. My spouse? He is still catching flack for making such traumatic memories on Mother’s Day.

  23. My first Mother’s Day as a mom is the one I’ll always remember.

    My grandmother, mother, myself and my new daughter were all together and I thought, “Wow, that’s four generations of major girl power right here in this room!” The manager, the ex-pres, the ex-VP and the future.

  24. Queen of Spain says:

    Deb on the Rocks
    Kristie McNealy
    Ophelia Chong

    Have all won SanDisk Flash Drives!

  25. Lucky me! Thank You!

  26. oh yea!! :O)) thank you! i am also on twitter as
    “ophelia” :O)

    thank you again!
    ophelia chong

  27. Pissed they only gave me the 4GB ones.

    Wait, that’s not the point here, is it?

  28. Sweet. Thanks Erin. I’m there.

  29. crap, already was there. Just realized it didn’t mean you were doing it again on Sunday night. Gotta read my reader more often.

  30. Curse you, EST! That’s ten p.m. for me, and I’ll be awake but I’m labelled “antisocial” if I tune in once the kids are in bed. 🙁 I’d love to hear it and take part, guess I’ll have to subscribe to a recap.

  31. Well, crap, I did the same thing!

  32. I don’t quite feel like a mommyblogger, but I guess I am. Now people label me as a cancer blogger, but I don’t like that.

    I started blogging so that I wouldn’t have to curse out my ex husband and not let my then 3 year old see me upset. Cheaper than therapy.

    I don’t make any money, but I try to guilt people into signing up on the National Marrow Donor Registry (Thanks Mom drive is fixin to happen) and to donate blood.

    Besides, I’m still immunosuppressed and don’t get out as much anymore. So my internets is my lifeline pretty much now.

    I dig your QoSpain style!

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